The upgrading of bar audio equipment is one of the important means to call back bar traffic!

by:Gisen     2019-12-28
Having a set of audio equipment that can bring the ultimate auditory feast effect is what every KTV thinks, because the quality of audio equipment can directly affect the effect of the scene, inferior sound will only give people a noisy feeling. If there is a problem of inferior sound quality in KTV, which pays special attention to the atmosphere on the spot, it will be enough to make KTV people lose rapidly. In Songshan Lake District, Dongguan, a KTV recently lost a large number of customers because of the poor singing experience caused by the problem of audio equipment, which seriously affected the KTV business. In order to solve this problem, at the recommendation of a friend, the person in charge of KTV found Guangzhou GISEN audio and asked it to replace a complete set of audio equipment inside KTV. When the GISEN audio staff conducted a survey on the spot, the person in charge of the KTV proposed that the sound should be clear and loud during the work of the audio equipment, the connected microphone, and the speech should be clear. GISEN customized a set of audio equipment system according to KTV requirements after the survey. The replaced audio equipment perfectly achieved the expected results and greatly increased the number of KTV customers, the person in charge of KTV said that the 12 KTV rooms that have changed audio equipment are the most sought-after rooms.
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