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by:Gisen     2020-06-15
STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics, ST for short; New York Stock Exchange code: STM) and Swiss audio system technology innovation company, high-definition High-DefiniTIon Personal-Audio (HD-PA) standard founding company Soundchip jointly launched the technology and semiconductor components for smart audio accessories. Smart audio accessories are an exciting concept for the personal portable audio product market. Smart audio accessories are worn on the head like a pair of monitor earphones (In-Ear Monitors, IEMs). Its biggest feature is to provide users with new audio control and personalized setting methods. Smart audio accessories are designed for long-term wear and can support a variety of usage modes, including music, phone and conversation, and can be reconfigured without removing the smart audio accessories. In addition, the intelligent audio accessories have high sound reproducibility, while effectively suppressing excess background noise. Smart audio accessories adopt Soundchip's patented audio processing technology, even if users wear smart audio accessories and earplugs to speak, they can still get a natural and comfortable audio experience. Smart audio accessories use electro-acoustic technology to 'open' the earplugs and transmit external sounds directly to the user's ears. Users can listen and speak naturally without removing the smart audio accessories. Intelligent audio accessories have a simple sound source switching function, as long as you press a button, or make a predetermined gesture, or issue a voice control command, you can automatically switch between voice, music, and environmental noise. Smart audio accessories also support a variety of functional options, including the use of ST's market-recognized advanced MEMS technology development capabilities. In addition, if you connect a smart audio accessory to a DSP or a DSP-enabled controller (such as STM32F4), a smartphone, or a tablet, the user ’s audio experience can be further improved because these tailor-made applications can be processed separately And mix different sound sources to provide users with innovative features, for example, augmented reality (augmented reality). Smart audio accessories consist of Soundchip ’s HD-PA? electronic and acoustic platform and ST ’s best-quality HD-PA? MEMS microphone, representing the exciting human achievements in the fusion of electronics, MEMS technology and acoustics Progress is a model for the future development of personal audio. Mark Donaldson, CEO of Soundchip, said: 'Smart audio accessories integrate Soundchip's unique and best-in-class headphone audio system technology. We believe that smart audio accessories are a headphone solution that can change the market landscape and allow smart Phone, tablet and game console users get the dream audio experience. ' Andrea OnetTI, Director of Audio Division of STMicroelectronics, said: 'As the world's leading IC and MEMS design and manufacturer, the partnership between STMicroelectronics and Soundchip aims to provide customers with the solutions they need to develop audio products of the future. The accessories represent our exciting quality and performance in MEMS microphones as well as the exciting and huge progress we have made in the design capabilities and experience of the audio chip. ' About Soundchip Co., Ltd. Soundchip is headquartered in Switzerland and provides global customers with a variety of headset audio system technology solutions. Soundchip is the founding company of the HD-PA? standard and is committed to providing high-definition audio solutions for mobile and portable product manufacturers. Soundchip provides solutions to designers and manufacturers of well-known brands of audio codecs, processors, sound sensors, multimedia systems and consumer electronics products through technology licensing. Soundchip and HD-PA are registered trademarks of Soundchip Co., Ltd. Soundchip reserves all rights. For more information about Soundchip, please visit www.soundchip.ch About High DefiniTIon Personal Audio (HD-PA) With the new generation of entertainment products, communication products and the performance and function of game consoles are updated, more and more consumers are beginning to accept the new generation of products. During the period of market growth, the audio of terminal products, especially personal audio or headphone audio, is relatively difficult to be questioned, and consumers ’desire for a higher mobile audio experience has brought equipment manufacturers a showcase of smart technology innovations in audio systems Opportunities for leadership in engineering and electroacoustics. High-definition personal audio (High-DefiniTIon Personal Audio, HD-PA) standard development goal is to further improve the performance and function of personal audio equipment by applying innovative audio system technology combined with cutting-edge processors and sensor chips (including MEMS). Devices that comply with the HD-PA? standard have very good performance, can achieve the level of performance people expect, and also provide users with excellent sound quality, comfort, convenience and noise resistance. About STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics; ST) is the world's leading semiconductor solutions provider, providing innovative solutions for sensing and power technology and multimedia fusion applications. From energy management and energy-saving technologies, to digital trust and data security, from medical fitness equipment, to smart consumer electronics, from home appliances, automobiles, to office equipment, from work to entertainment, STMicroelectronics' microelectronic devices are everywhere and enrich people Has played a positive and innovative role in life. STMicroelectronics represents the idea that technology leads a smart life (life.augmented).
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