The difference between DSP and DSP power amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-06-06
DSP is called a signal processor in car audio, and it is not the same product as the decoder in the home ring. The decoder in Jiaxiang is responsible for audio decoding, and does not process the decoded signal too much. The DSP needs to deal with EQ, delay, frequency cut, frequency division and other work. What is DSP? Let's talk briefly. DSP: used for tuning, adjust EQ, delay, frequency cut, frequency division. EQ is used to debug the style, and the defects of the speaker can be repaired to a certain extent. For example, the treble is too bright and the brightness can be reduced. The delay is used to make the sound field, mainly to restore the stage effect, so that you can hear the distribution of the instruments and people on the stage. Frequency cut is used for active systems. The frequency bandwidth allocated to each speaker is different. It is necessary to cut the frequency to give the treble part to the tweeter and the bass part to the woofer. If the bass frequency is given to the tweeter, the tweeter will burn out. The frequency division is to distribute the frequency broadband, and the frequency band cut above is allocated to different power amplifier channels for amplification and then to the speaker. ?? DSP power amplifier: DSP power amplifier integrates the power amplifier module on the basis of the original DSP, the processed signal is given to the power amplifier module to amplify the signal, and the amplified signal is directly given to the speaker. ?? The advantages and disadvantages of DSP power amplifier: The advantage of DSP power amplifier is that with the power amplifier module, there is no need to add a separate power amplifier. The disadvantage is that compared to the independent power amplifier, its control power is not as good as the independent power amplifier, and the heat dissipation is not as good as the independent power amplifier. The performance indicators of the power amplifier have many parameters, but integration into the DSP requires many compromises. For example, heat dissipation problems, such as the power can not be too large. But this is relative to the independent power amplifier. For pure DSP, he has obvious advantages and almost no disadvantages (limited to the comparison of the power amplifier version of the same DSP and the pure DSP version). Proposal: For entry-level retrofits and entry-level speakers, DSP power amplifiers are fully satisfactory. For further improvement, or higher-level speakers, speakers with higher requirements for power amplifiers, need independent power amplifiers. At this time, convenience cannot be considered, and the advantage of the small size of the DSP power amplifier cannot be considered, but the effect must be considered.
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