Teach you to set up a family karaoke sound system

by:Gisen     2020-01-06
About three or five friends on the weekend, singing karaoke at home not only eased the usual work pressure, but also brought the feelings between friends closer and enlivened the atmosphere. In the home improvement of a family karaoke audio system, singing and singing with family or friends has become a fashion. It is not difficult to set up a family karaoke sound system. The following Jincheng audio and video will give friends a brief introduction: The family karaoke sound system includes a karaoke machine, a wireless microphone, a karaoke front-level processor, a pure rear-level amplifier, and karaoke. Speaker ,(Large screen TV) Or projector, voice-activated laser light, timing power supply, equipment cabinet. Of course, there is also a simple family karaoke sound system, mainly composed of computer karaoke machine, card package amplifier, card package speaker, wired microphone. At present, this collocation method has been eliminated because the collocation is too simple, the debugging is complicated, the division of equipment is not clear, and all of them are analog equipment, so the singing and audio-visual effects are not ideal. The following Jincheng audio and video will take the most cost-effective, most professional, best-effective, and now the most mainstream home karaoke audio system as an example, I would like to introduce you to the functions and functions of various audio equipment in the family karaoke audio system. First, The Song Machine: set up a family karaoke audio system is recommended to choose a big brand Song Machine, the reasons are as follows: 1, the big brand song machine has its own cloud song library, Song update is fast, easy to download, and genuine HD resources are rich, audio-visual effect is guaranteed; 2. The design of song ordering interface is more humanized, and the operation is simple, reasonable and easier to use; 3. Rich functions and support wireless song ordering; 4, after-sales guaranteed maintenance is convenient. At present, the mainstream brands of song ordering machines are: Shiyi, Leishi, Sunshine Shihan, etc. Second, professional karaoke speakers: home karaoke speakers try to choose professional entertainment speakers, the brand is mainly Japanese and American, the main Yaopin brands are: JBL, BMB, first xingshang, Yamaha and so on. Professional entertainment speakers are matched with 12-inch bass units. The bass unit is small, the power is too small, the sound field is not wide enough, and the sound performance is not excellent. The number of speakers depends on the room area, generally 15- 20 square meters with a pair of 12-inch professional entertainment speakers, 25- It is recommended to use two pairs of 40 square meters. If you pursue the bass effect, you can add a professional subwoofer. Third, professional karaoke amplifier: the choice of home karaoke sound system amplifier is similar to the purchase of home theater amplifier, pay attention to the impedance matching and power matching of the Speaker, and to set aside a certain reserve power for the amplifier. At the same time, karaoke amplifiers also try to buy big brand amplifiers. After all, the quality of big brands is stable and after-sales is guaranteed. 4. Wireless microphone: karaoke wireless microphone is divided into U-segment wireless microphone and V-segment wireless microphone. The wireless microphone must select the U-segment wireless microphone. The U-segment wireless microphone signal is stable and is not easy to string frequency and be disturbed. At present, the moving microphone in the heart-shaped pickup mode has the highest cost performance. At the same time, several performance parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing Kara OK wireless microphone: sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, THD harmonic distortion, frequency response, etc. A high-performance wireless microphone should not only have a fashionable atmosphere and exquisite appearance, but also have excellent sound pickup effect. Full pickup can restore the real vocal effect with high fidelity and make your singing easier. At present, the mainstream brands of wireless microphones include Shure, senheiser, AKG, mibao, BBS, Tuojie, etc. 5. Karaoke pre-processor: it is no exaggeration to say that karaoke pre-processor is the heart and brain of the whole karaoke audio system, or karaoke pre-processor is the soul of sound in the family karaoke audio system. Thanks to the rapid development of electronic technology, karaoke sound has really entered the stage of digitalization and is becoming more and more mature. A professional karaoke front-stage processor replaces the equalizer, effect device, pressure limiter, return inhibitor, etc. in the professional stage audio, simplifying the tuning ( Say goodbye to the previous complex knobs and pushers, only need a note software tuning and save function) At the same time, we also moved the performance-level effect of professional stage sound to our home. So that we can sing at home and achieve the performance effect of the professional stage. The functions of karaoke pre-processor are mainly tuning, mixing, sound processing, howling suppression, etc. At present, Karaoke front-level processors are mainly divided into X3 and X5 series. X5 series Karaoke front-level processors can also be easily integrated into the home cinema system and shared with home cinema power amplifier speakers, however, due to the large difference in performance requirements between home theater amplifiers and speakers and karaoke audio systems, it is generally not recommended. VI. Timing power supply: the main function of timing power supply is to start and shut down the equipment in sequence according to the switch sequence of the equipment, so as to prevent the speaker power amplifier from receiving transient high current impact and damaging the sound equipment. Another function is to stabilize the voltage so that each equipment can work at 220V voltage to avoid the fluctuation of grid voltage affecting the power supply of the equipment. Another function is to simplify the operation. Even if you don't understand the audio knowledge, just press the switch button to open and close the equipment one by one according to the preset switch sequence to avoid misoperation and damage the equipment. Seven, voice-activated laser light: voice-activated laser light, can automatically change various lights according to the loudness and melody of music, rendering the atmosphere and atmosphere of the event, so that the followers are more involved, make it easier for viewers to be infected by your performance. Eight, equipment cabinet: so many audio equipment on the desktop will not only make the whole room messy, but also the heat dissipation of each equipment has become a problem. If the heat of these devices is not fully dissipated, it will affect the performance and stable operation of the equipment, and seriously cause equipment failure. Therefore, our home karaoke sound system needs a good equipment cabinet from a aesthetic point of view or a practical point of view. This not only makes our room look cleaner, but also ensures the good operation of the equipment and looks more professional. So why don't we do it? After reading my article, my friends believe that everyone has an understanding of the family karaoke sound system. If you want to component a professional family karaoke sound system at home, you can do it.
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