Judge the quality of a power amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-01-05
Power amplifier is the most basic and important device in the home theater audio system. Without it, the entire theater system can't play at all, but there are so many brands of power amplifier, how can I judge whether a power amplifier is good or bad? Below, the author has sorted out eight standards for identifying the quality of power amplifier machines, so that everyone can buy power amplifier machines without worrying. 1. Use the same sound source, the same recognized sound box and the same song to compare the two power amplifier by PK Machine or PK line instant switching, pay attention to the changes in sound quality, timbre and music dynamics at the moment of switching, and finally select the power amplifier with the best performance. The eight standards teach you how to judge the quality of a power amplifier. 2. If the power of the power amplifier is large, the sound of the speaker will be strong, dynamic and neat, the low-power amplifier sound will feel a little bit imaginary and the sound will be slightly smaller. 3. power amplifier has high power cost and low power cost. In addition, using a power amplifier with enough power to push the speaker will not only have a good sound, but also make the sound system more stable. Instead, the power is equivalent to the speaker or less than the speaker, the sound is easy to distort and not good, and it is easier to burn out the horn (Civil HiFi gallbladder machine exception). The eight standards teach you how to judge the quality of a power amplifier. 4. One of the most important indicators of a good power amplifier is clean and natural sound quality, clear hierarchy and soft listening, the poor power amplifier has unclean sound quality and rough sound. In sound sources and speakers, discs (Tune) Under relatively good circumstances, the performance of power amplifier is easier to PK identify. 5. It is aimed at the idea that many people think that power amplifier 'sinks as much as possible'. Most inferior power amplifier uses ring transformers, and many use double-ring cattle with fever. However, the quality of the silicon steel sheet of this kind of ring cow is very poor, and the winding process is not good. It causes low efficiency and low actual power, especially when it is quiet, it is easy to hear the ring cow screaming. The eight standards teach you how to judge the quality of a power amplifier. 6. It is a domestic capacitor with large capacity to charge imported famous brand capacitors. Some manufacturers even used the backlog of early capacitors to repackage and charge New capacitors. The actual withstand voltage and capacity of these capacitors simply do not reach the nominal value. Such capacitors are generally lighter than genuine ones. 7. Inferior power amplifier often has 5-channel or even 7-channel output. But in fact, many power amplifier surround and center channels come from left and right main channels connected in series. Although some power amplifier have independent amplification circuits, they are only processed by simple delay, and there is no dedicated decoding circuit and sound field processing circuit. When identifying such power amplifier, if it is found that the surround and center channel cannot adjust the volume separately, it must be a false surround from the main channel serial resistance. Eight standards teach you how to judge the quality of a power amplifier. 8. Lack of complete protection. Although inferior machines have boot anti-shock protection functions, most of them omit the necessary overcurrent, Overvoltage and output DC protection functions. The reliability of the whole machine is poor, and if there is a problem, it is likely to burn the expensive horn unit. For the identification of this kind of fake technique, the first is to determine whether the design has perfect protection function by looking at the circuit diagram. The second is short-circuit output, if the power amplifier does not have protection action. It is likely that these protection circuits have been saved, at least they are also poorly adjusted. The content about how to judge whether a power amplifier is good or bad is all over here. I believe everyone has a lot to gain.
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