How to look at technical data and select the correct AVpower amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-01-02
If you want to buy an AVpower amplifier, start looking for a bunch of strange audio technology data that you may look at. Like a gobbledygook, there is no clue about the many terminals of the power amplifier rear panel. For a person who is not familiar with home audio equipment, reading the data and selecting the right equipment can be a great challenge. However, with only a little guidance, buying AVpower amplifier for a home theater can also be a simple process. The following summary hopes to help you choose the AVpower amplifier that suits you. Is there enough power amplifier channel to provide an immersive experience? The power amplifier channel sends sound from AVpower amplifier to your speaker, so the number of channels is one of the most important considerations. A basic surround sound system has at least six channels, which means you can use a basic 5. 1 speaker configuration, including center speaker, left channel and right channel speaker, two surround speakers and one subwoofer. More power amplifier channels allow more speakers to be connected to achieve more detailed and powerful sound reproduction, forming an immersive sound field throughout the viewing area. If your AVpower amplifier supports higher 3D audio formats ( Such as Dolby Atmos or DTS: X) , You can achieve higher sound details and sound field positioning accuracy by including a two-layer surround speaker layout. The main feature of the latest 3D surround sound format is the addition of an increased surround speaker group. The basic configuration of a 3D sound field speaker system is composed of a horizontal Speaker group (Central channel, surround sound, left and right speakers), Raised channel speaker group (Surround Sound, left and right speakers)And subwoofer. Dolby panoramic sound (Dolby Atmos)Can Pass 5. 1. 2 7. 1. 2 5. 1. 4 7. 1. 4 and 9. 1. 4 speaker layout to complete. If you want to enjoy movies and TV with 3D audio details, please choose to support at least 5. 1. 2 set AVpower amplifier. If you want to use more increased surround channels or subwoofers in the future to achieve better and larger sound field restoration, then choose an AVpower amplifier with more power amplifier channels, support the upgrading and expansion of the home cinema system in the future. Can you connect each component? Since AVpower amplifier is the center of a home theater, it should have enough input and ports to support all your playback devices, whether wired or wireless. In order to obtain the best image and sound quality, it is very important for AVpower amplifier to support the connection of the latest HDMI input device, with high bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) The HDMI input supports 4 k uhd video and the latest audio codec format. If these input devices cannot be supported, your purchase of AVpower amplifier may not achieve the best image quality promised by the video device, or an Atmos speaker configuration is set, but the sound effect of Atmos will not be achieved. In other words, this will waste you a lot of time and money. The more HDMI connection ports AVpower amplifier can use, the better you can add playback devices to the home theater system in the future. Scientific popularization of how to look at technical data to select the correct AVpower amplifier multi-mode wireless connection function, in addition to realizing mobile and network audio playback, if you plan to set up multi-room audio or streaming music, they will come in handy. Does your AVpower amplifier have enough power? AVpower amplifier's rated power is one of the most important performance indicators, but it may also mislead your judgment because manufacturers may test power output in different ways. Generally speaking, each power amplifier channel provides higher power to make the sound louder and clearer. This means that you won't lose subtle details when the sound field becomes particularly loud and complex. If you use data comparison, you may find that Malans's high-end AVpower amplifierSR8012 is a suitable solution. This 11. The 2-channel AVpower amplifier can provide you with high-quality sound quality and video services in the next many years, supporting the latest 3D audio, 4K ultra-high definition images and wireless audio connections. With 205 watts of power per channel and 8 HDMI inputs, home cinema enthusiasts can make full use of their speaker sets to achieve excellent cinema effects.
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