how to install a car audio amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-05-26
The car audio amplifier is a tool for playing music in the car.
This amplifier is not a built-in tool.
This means you won\'t get it when you buy a car.
You have to buy it separately and install it in your car.
There are some specific programs to install this.
Here you will learn some basic instructions on how to install the car audio amplifier.
First, you must disconnect the terminal.
It\'s not mandatory, but it\'s just for security reasons.
Now you have to connect the power cord from the battery to the amplifier.
You must find a base point.
It must be closer to the amplifier.
Make sure the point is connected to the frame of the vehicle.
The connection must also be firm.
Connect the power cord to the amplifier like using the power cord.
If your ground point has any color, remove it.
Do the work with sandpaper.
You can also use it to remove any rust.
If the metal does not shine, the connection will not be firm.
If you want to connect a ring terminal with a ground point, then this is the right time.
After that, you have to wrap the ground with something that is not conductive.
Then use some spray paint or any surface treatment that can protect the ground from rust.
Don\'t forget to turn on the remote and run the RCA cable.
You must pull the head unit out of the installation position.
Fix the wire to open the wire remotely with the wire harness of the head unit.
Now, decide which amplifier contains which RCA cable.
Keep RCA cables away from any type of power cord.
Especially away from the amps power cord.
Now, let all the wires of the Speaker work.
Fix the wires with an amplifier.
After that, turn on the remote control and add the power to the ground.
Connect the fuse seat.
Always stick it near the battery.
If your battery terminals are very complex, then don\'t forget to provide proper protection and connect them in the right way.
Connect other cables with batteries.
It would be better if you could buy a brand new cover for your battery terminals.
Please check if it is correct before turning on the amplifier.
Turn down the gain of the amplifier.
After that, open your system and listen carefully.
Check if everything works properly.
Listen carefully.
Think about whether you can hear any noise and verify how much noise you can hear.
Verify that there is audible distortion.
If everything is good then go ahead and do the next step.
Your next step is to think about how to power the amp, where the AMP will stay, and so on.
So that your amplifier can be fixed perfectly.
If you follow all these steps, then you will be able to install the amplifier safely and correctly.
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