How to debug professional power amplifier?

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
Since power amplifier will be debugged in the manufacturer's laboratory during production, but because the environment in the home or other occasions is different from the manufacturer's laboratory, therefore, after purchasing power amplifier, debug power amplifier to see if it works properly or find out the problem. Today, the author analyzes in detail how professional power amplifier is debugged. Power amplifier Debugging has a flaw, detailed analysis of professional power amplifier how to debug professional power amplifier Debugging steps: Step 1: no load, power on for more than 30 minutes. Step 2: measure whether the output is 0 V, and the power supply adopts the safety socket of the series bulb. Then measure that the BE voltage difference of the output power amplifier tube cannot exceed 0. 6 V, Step 3: If there is no problem with power-on for half an hour, then send an audio signal without receiving the load to see if it is normal. : You can pick up a multimeter or an AC voltmeter to see if there is any output. If the output is normal, the volume control is normal. Step 4: Finally, you can access the dummy load, or the speaker, and test the volume for a while to see if the power amplifier tube is overheated. : If the power amplifier output is not 0 V, then pick up the horn, it will definitely burn things, not the power amplifier tube or the horn. The above four steps can basically meet the professional power amplifier Debugging and the problems that will occur during the debugging process. Some netizens on the Internet have summarized the formula of professional power amplifier debugging, and the author has sorted it out for everyone: there are some tips for power amplifier Debugging, and detailed analysis of how professional power amplifier is debugged and repaired, repair power amplifier jingle: power amplifier is damaged at the end and the pipe resistance burns one piece. Power pair tube and push, bias protection is also involved. After checking the pipe resistance, the burn-off value is common. Check out the bad parts, don't install them all, don't install the big tube and look at it. The midpoint voltage is zero volts, and the large tube bias is the key. Up and down push emitter, 2. 1 volts is the limit. To the midpoint of zhi da requirements reload bassoon safety. If the midpoint drift is large, there are bad parts in front. Differential damage to one arm, voltage amplification is half. It's the most annoying to fix this step, and the trouble is also serious. The left and right channels are half bad, and the resistance comparison is a means. The resistance value is a little larger than the good one, indicating that the circuit has broken parts. If the resistance is a little small, the pipe may have a breakdown. The large pipe bias is 0. 5, and the midpoint zero volt is not biased. At this time, the boot is loaded, and the general test machine is Turin. Summary: In general, professional power amplifier Debugging is not a very difficult thing. As the saying goes good nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. As long as we aim at the professional power amplifier Debugging steps, we can simply complete the debugging steps. The above debugging formula can also handle professional power amplifier Debugging for you quickly.
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