How to connect the jukebox to the amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-04-10
The karaoke machine output (audio and video) is directly connected to the TV, then the TV audio output is connected to the reverberator, the microphone receiver is also connected to the reverberator, and finally the reverberator output is connected to the power amplifier, and the power amplifier output is connected to the audio. At this point you can sing. Material: one audio cable (for karaoke machine amplifier), video cable (for TV), two speaker cables, the length depends on the distance between the speaker and the amplifier Specific steps: 1. First connect karaoke machine and amplifier There are many jacks after jukebox, you can find two holes of RL (audio out) to connect to the audio in. There are several types of power amplifier input, such as vod cd dvd or A, B can be any one, and then The panel presses the corresponding input selection (input selection) (initiated letter in) and there is a video out (video in) connected to the TV (video in) 2. Then connect the amplifier and speakers The speaker cable is divided into positive and negative (that is, red is connected to the red, and the rest is connected to the black) ports. There is an interface SPK on the back of the amplifier. It should be marked L (left) and R (right). Note: Red is red, you can't go wrong.
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