How to choose the power amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-04-08
First, power selection of amplifier To a certain extent, the more power, the more powerful it is, the easier it is to push the speaker, and the easier it is to get good sound from the speaker. But everyone has a limited sound pressure, and there is also limited room for ordinary families to listen to. Therefore, when buying an amplifier, it seems a bit one-sided to pursue only high power. In general households, a 50W output power amplifier is enough to drive a pair of speakers with an efficiency of more than 86dB to obtain the desired effect. Second, the power amplifier weight selection Is the amplifier heavier the better? Any power amplifier is powered by power supply. In order to make the power amplifier have sufficient energy supply at high power output, good power amplifiers often make the DC power supply sufficiently large when designing. In addition, power amplifiers must use heavy-weight large-capacity transformers, and some even use dual transformers. The weight of a power amplifier depends to a large extent on the weight of the transformer and the chassis. Third, the signal-to-noise ratio of the power amplifier The signal-to-noise ratio is the ratio of the signal amplitude to the noise amplitude. Because this index is inversely proportional to the output noise of the power amplifier, the larger the number of signal-to-noise ratios, the smaller the output noise of the power amplifier and the higher the quality. Therefore, when selecting an amplifier, of course, the larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the better. The greater the signal-to-noise ratio, the more we can hear music such as quiet music backgrounds, clear audio, and clear reviews. Fourth, the choice of amplifier grade With the advancement of science and technology, the service life of the tube has been extended, coupled with the characteristic warm and sweet sound quality, and the relatively high quality and low price, it has also made the tube a good response in the low-end amplifier. Although the sound quality of the tube amplifier is better than the transistor in terms of sound flexibility, it is not always the case in high-end machines. Therefore, in the low-end amplifiers, we can choose the tube. Here comes the preference.
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