How the amplifier links to DVD

by:Gisen     2020-04-11
First of all, we need to connect the cables and connect the DVD (audio source), power amplifier, audio, etc. Before we connect! To turn the knobs on the front panel of the amplifier to the lowest volume, turn all the knobs to the left. 5.1 channel surround solution: Connect the DVD to your TV first: To connect the TV to the DVD, you only need an audio cable. One end is plugged into the yellow jack on the back of the TV (mostly: video audio input), and the other end is plugged into the yellow back panel of the DVD Socket (identified as: TVOUT) Then connect the DVD to the power amplifier. One section of the audio cable has two color connectors (red and white). First plug one end of the audio cable into the rear interface panel of the DVD. DVD rear panel output interface There are 6 interfaces in total, FRONTLR ------------------------- (front main speaker interface) REARLR ---------------------------- (surround interface) CENTER ---------------------------- (center interface) SUBWOOFER --------------------- (subwoofer interface) Standard connection method: The audio cable needs to be inserted into these three groups of interfaces in turn, and the other end of the audio cable must also be inserted into the three groups of interfaces of the corresponding amplifier. (DVD) FRONTL connection (power amplifier) ​​FRO white interface (DVD) FRONTR connection (power amplifier) ​​FRO red interface (DVD) REALL connection (power amplifier) ​​SURR white interface (DVD) REALR connection (power amplifier) ​​SURR red interface (DVD) CENTER connection (power amplifier) ​​CEN interface (DVD) SUBWOOFER connection (power amplifier) ​​S-WOOFER interface If all of them are inserted in turn, then you have successfully connected the DVD to the amplifier.
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