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by:Gisen     2020-06-10
For many music lovers who cannot fully understand the relationship between the power amplifier and the sound, today we follow the editor of Hongwei to understand the difference between the power amplifier and the sound in detail; the power amplifier is the abbreviation of the power amplifier, which is part of the sound. In other words, the sound is to improve the entire set of listening equipment: he includes audio sources (can be CD \ DVD \ deck, radio, mp3, etc.), and then there is a power amplifier, as well as speakers. ? The power amplifier is just a machine that amplifies the audio signal output from the audio source (such as CD, DVD, etc.). It does not produce sound by itself. It should be used with the speaker. Audio refers to a complete set of products, including, sound source, pre-stage, amplifier, speaker. Obviously, the power amplifier is only part of the sound. 1. Audio source (equipment for playing music and songs): such as CD player, DVD player, recorder, etc .; 2. Amplifier (equipment used to drive speaker speakers): split type (including front and back stage) and combined power amplifier, both making the front and back stages in a box. The front stage is generally used to adjust the sound quality equipment, generally including tuning equipment such as equalizers, karaoke machines, etc., and the latter stage is a pure power amplifier, which is a power amplifier that drives the speaker. 3. Speakers (equipment used to play sound) are divided into desktop speakers and floor speakers. Common computer speakers are active speakers. Install the power supply of the power amplifier in the speaker, so that it can be directly connected to the sound source, and no additional power amplifier is needed. ? After reading it, do you have a new understanding of the relationship between the power amplifier and the audio? Professional small power amplifier | Home power amplifier manufacturer Hongwei Electronics tailors unique audio amplifier equipment for you.
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