how audio amplifiers produce magnificent sound quality

by:Gisen     2020-05-26
The sound of the amplifier is very clear, unlimited and effortless.We cannot describe it in other ways.McCann offers the most satisfying audio experience this amplifier can ever imagine.The star of the show is the awesome Mackintosh power amplifier.
Each is a mono audio amplifier (one channel) that provides 1,200 hours of audio power and generates a current of 200 amps!They are very serious products.Two mono amplifiers are required for musicLeave the road one, the right road one.Many of these power amplifiers use dualbalanced, push-pull develop.
Precious steel film resistors and film capacitors with low dielectric consumption are always used.Every transistor is manual.Selection and equalization so that the acquisition at each stage is a constant and immediate range.At 0, it is almost excellent to complete the harmonic shape interference.
005%!The weight of each amplifier is 147!There is nothing small or easy for them.The controls in the picture above are almost one toe, 50% apart!Evaluation activities conducted in one perspective only on the set are close to 11 \\\".The amplifier is about 20 \".The two dark-The color container behind the evaluation is the result audio amplifier for automatic front (left) and power transformer (right.
Behind them is the heating vacuum of the resulting transistor.Full rectangular size of 2800, huge area!Keeping these awesome amp management awesome, it\'s necessary to have no fans.The huge results of automatic transformers and power transformers have raised concerns for most people of weight.
Then, add important evaluation of steel condition, huge storage area space capacitor and all wires and components!These amplifiers are developed like fish tanks, not just visually.On the real practical side, the power supply, the automated front storage area space capacitor allows the mc1201 to generate power for 1,200 hours in a row, and instantly generate an impact of up to 4,800 watts!The achievement of this available power allows the creation of an awesome audio-level Mackintosh amplifierknown for.There are 1 factors.2 KW amplifier.Not how deafening they are.It can get Delft-Roll!All this is about the excellence of audio, as well as the disclosure of technical information on music technology innovation, the number is very small.
The bigger the amplifier, the more technical information you focus on music technology innovation.You don\'t need to convert it to excellent music audio.You can focus on and experience all the music while talking frequently with someone.
Its audio is spectacular, endless and simple.I can\'t describe it in any other way.McCann offers the most satisfying music with this amplifier
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