Front power amplifier, rear power amplifier, combined power amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-01-06
How should I choose the former power amplifier, the latter power amplifier and the merged power amplifier? Many friends want to get started Hi- Fi or home theater, TV, projector, speaker, etc. are all easy to handle, but once you get to power amplifier, it is completely bottleneck. Don't understand, what is the front power amplifier and the rear power amplifier? What is subversive power amplifier? What's the difference? Home theater and pure Hi-Is there any difference in Fi? These are the root causes of the problem. In order to ensure that everyone can get started clearly, let's make a detailed introduction. What is power amplifier? Since you want to assemble a home theater, you must first understand the function of each device. power amplifier is no exception. You have to know what it is and what it is. Power amplifier, accurately speaking, Receiver and amplifier, English Receiver, means receiving audio and video signals and processing them to obtain better audio and video effects and output them to video equipment (TV, projector)And audio equipment (Speaker) However, the domestic unification is collectively referred to as power amplifier. Why do you need power amplifier? Some people may ask, why do I need power amplifier? The player is directly connected to the TV and the speaker. Is there a sound on the screen? Theoretically, there is no problem, but for Hi- For Fi and home cinemas, power amplifier is not only as simple as power output, but also for Hi- For Fi, it needs to analyze the basic sound, restore the sound effect as much as possible, and then enlarge it to make the speaker sound and ensure the output of the sound quality details, for home cinemas, that's even more real. It can separate audio and video signals, then decode and enhance image quality and sound quality, and finally output to TV/projector and speaker, A more perfect effect has been achieved. Another point is that the signal source input interface and output interface of power amplifier are obviously more than those of the player. If you have more equipment, power amplifier can help you integrate management and switch output. What are the application scenarios of power amplifier? From the horizontal point of view, it is divided into professional power amplifier and civil power amplifier, and from the vertical point of view, it is Hi- Fi power amplifier and A/V home theater power amplifier. As the name implies, professional power amplifier is mainly used in large professional places such as conference halls, performance halls, music halls and even cinemas, so ordinary audiences do not need to consider it. Civil power amplifier is better understood, that is, we use it at home, or in some small restaurants and living rooms. Due to venue restrictions, the output power of these power amplifier will not be too large. Civil power amplifier is divided into Hi- Fi power amplifier and A/V home theater power amplifier, Hi- Fi power amplifier is mainly used in Fever Music, while A/V home theater power amplifier is used in home movie viewing. Of course, it can also be used to listen to songs, except for Hi-For Fi, the effect is not so good. What do the former power amplifier, the latter power amplifier and the merged power amplifier refer? Whether it's Hi- Fi, or A/V, the power amplifier of both has A pre-stage power amplifier, A post-stage power amplifier and A combined power amplifier. For Hi- For Fi, the former power amplifier is more about audio signal reception, volume adjustment and basic signal amplification, while the latter power amplifier is simply used as output amplification with greater power, the output can produce good results as long as there are good enough speakers. Merging power amplifier means merging the front and rear power amplifier together to receive and process audio signals and amplify high-power output. Hi- Fi's front power amplifier is divided into active and passive. The active front stage enlarges the signal through the power supply, while the passive front stage only has the effect of adjusting the volume. However, there are already very few passive front-stage power amplifier in this era, because the internal resistance of the sound source and the back-stage is very different, and only one volume switch is used to connect the sound source with the back-stage, the difference in internal resistance will make the dynamics, details, and frequency effects lost! In addition to adjusting the volume, the active front stage can also be used as a buffer to initially amplify and reduce the internal resistance between the sound source and the rear stage. For A/V home theater power amplifier, the former power amplifier is more powerful. It receives audio and video signals, and separates, decodes and optimizes audio and video, make the video and audio get a purer signal output without interference. The role of the latter power amplifier and Hi- The consistency of Fi is the effect of audio output amplification. By merging power amplifier, the front and back stages are merged together to separate and decode audio and video, while taking into account the power amplification output. For the rear power amplifier, what it needs to do is to give the signal from the front stage to the Speaker, that is, the speaker, not to say that the bigger the sound, the better, but to 'force enough 」, the 'sufficient force' referred to here refers to the fact that the scene capable of ensuring sound is held without losing details. A/V power amplifier cannot bring HI-FI? No, just compared to Hi- For Fi power amplifier, it is more complicated in design and line output, which makes the purity of the sound more disturbed. The good point is dyeing. If it is not good, it will destroy the purity of the sound, in this case, A/V power amplifier takes into account Hi- The possibility of Fi is relatively low, in other words, if you want both the effect of home theater and Hi- Fi, then you 'd better match two different front stages, but the back stage can be the same. Is it better to have a separate front and rear power amplifier or to merge power amplifier? Generally speaking, the separate front and rear power amplifier is better. First, the separate front power amplifier and the rear power amplifier can have their own space to make more precise and use more materials. Second, since the corresponding processing is done separately, the signal interference between each other is less, and the details are more sufficient. The combined power amplifier is indeed at a disadvantage at this point, even if it is the top-level combined power amplifier, it is also not comparable to the top independent front and rear power amplifier. If you really want to choose, how to choose? The first thing to be clear is that almost all manufacturers are currently pushing and merging power amplifier, because there is only one machine, the setting is simple, the adjustment is convenient, and it is easy to get started, very friendly to entry level players. However, the independent power amplifier at the front and back levels is more popular among senior players, because they can make different customized schemes by themselves, adjust more diversified and play more smoothly. Secondly, the merger of power amplifier has A defect, that is, the upgrade, especially in the/V home theater, the emergence of various new formats, so that many old power amplifier can not get the upgrade it deserves, at this point you want to upgrade power amplifier, you have to change a machine. However, the power amplifier at the front and back levels is different. Generally, there will not be too many upgrades at the back level. On the premise of sufficient use, the back level does not need to be ignored, but only needs to be changed to the front level. Of course, this cost still needs to be calculated. In short, if you are an entry-level player, merging power amplifier is actually enough, because it is also divided into high, medium and low grades, and for senior players, I believe that independent front and rear power amplifier is more suitable for them, because they can match the combination they need according to local conditions and get different audio and video experiences.
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