Difference between Class D amplifier IC and Class

by:Gisen     2020-06-12
What is a class T amplifier Class T amplifier, a new type of amplifier with class D amplifier efficiency and sound quality comparable to class AB amplifiers. It uses the power transistor to work in the switching state, and at the same time combines the adaptive algorithm and prediction algorithm for processing small signals in the communication technology, which makes the power conversion efficiency up to 90%. The digital filter and other technologies are used to design the output filter cut-off frequency to be higher , So as to ensure flat amplitude-frequency characteristics and good phase-frequency characteristics within 20Hz ~ 20kHz. It has better anti-interference ability, making the sound quality more pure and thorough. Features of Class T amplifier Through the control of microcomputer and I2C bus, it realizes the automatic adjustment of volume, timbre, sensitivity, treble, bass and balance sound, and realizes the intelligent 'digital power amplifier'. Difference between Class D amplifier and Class T amplifier 1. Tripath has invented a digital power technology called 'Digital Power Processing (DPP)', which is the core of the class T power amplifier. It uses adaptive algorithms and prediction algorithms for processing small signals in communication technology. After the audio signal input and the current entering the speaker are digitally processed by DPP, it is used to control the power transistor to turn on and off. So that the sound quality can achieve high-fidelity linear amplification. ??????2. The dynamic range of Class T power amplifier is wider and the frequency response is flat. The emergence of DDP has pushed the power amplifier in the digital age to a new height. In terms of high fidelity, the linearity is better than the traditional class AB amplifier. 3. The switching frequency of its power transistor is not fixed, and the power spectrum of the useless components is not concentrated in the narrow frequency bands on both sides of the carrier frequency, but is spread over a wide frequency band. Make the details of the sound clear and audible across the entire frequency band.
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