Daily maintenance method of car audio

by:Gisen     2019-12-29
How to carry out car audio maintenance has become a topic of concern to the Philharmonic family. The quality of car audio is affected by many factors, such as the surrounding environment, human factors, how to place it, and so on. Therefore, you should pay attention to daily maintenance. 1. Keep the car clean and wipe it frequently. The dirt and dust in the city are the biggest enemies of the sound in your car. After a period of time, the dust will accumulate some inconspicuous positions, such as wiring ports, buttons, etc. Therefore, in addition to washing the car regularly to keep the whole car clean and tidy, we also need to clean a dead corner. Considering the influence of static electricity on the equipment, you can often wipe the dust-prone position with a wet small cotton swab. The correct way is to gently absorb the dust with a damp cloth. As for the cleaning of keys and knobs, you can use cotton swabs again. 2. Always check the tightness of the joint. After all, the car is a moving object. Vibration under different road conditions during driving will affect the terminals between the equipment and cause looseness. After loosening, it is prone to poor contact, resulting in damage to the circuit board. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tightness between the interfaces frequently. Once it is found that there is looseness, it needs to be tightened in time. 3. With the rise of digital broadcasting, mobile storage devices are a necessary tool for car owners. Winter is a high incidence of car audio mobile storage equipment damage, because the climate is dry and prone to static electricity. Try to use large-capacity storage devices, do not plug and unplug frequently, and operate slowly. 4. Do not suddenly put the volume to the maximum sound. In use, avoid suddenly putting the volume to the maximum, so that the horn coil will burn, which will affect the power amplifier. If the amplitude suddenly increases, the power amplifier will be burned, causes music distortion and other situations. When you have an understanding of audio maintenance, is it a lot of peace of mind? Of course, in the specific implementation process, specific problems should be analyzed. Only in this way can you truly have a satisfactory audio equipment and make the boring driving journey romantic and colorful.
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