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by:Gisen     2020-03-30
What is an AV amplifier? A (audio) of the AV power amplifier means audio and sound, and V (video) means audio and video. Therefore, the AV power amplifier is an audio-visual amplifier that integrates audio and video signal processing. It emphasizes the atmosphere of the sound field and is specially used in home theater. . What is HIFI amplifier? The Hi-Fi of HIFI amplifier is the abbreviation of English High-Fidelity, which is literally translated into high fidelity. It requires the audio equipment to amplify and process the various indicators of the sound signal without distortion during the playback process to restore the original appearance of the sound source. , Emphasizes the original taste, dedicated to listening to music, such as classical music. Difference between AV amplifier and Hi-Fi amplifier 1. Different technical indicators The technical indicators of high-fidelity Hi-Fi amplifiers mainly include output power, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, frequency range, rated impedance, and damping coefficient, etc., especially the emphasis on harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratio; while AV amplifiers also have these Technical indicators, but more emphasis is placed on channel isolation, delay time range, various sound field modes (DSP system, home THX system, Dolby AC-3 system) and other index parameters. In addition, the AV amplifier has more indicators related to the video part. . 2. Different sound field atmosphere Hi-Fi amplifiers are mostly designed for high-fidelity sound. They focus on authentically amplifying signals from signal sources. They are mainly used to enjoy music and human voices, and to pursue the true effects of sound. The AV amplifier's sound reproduction method is designed to create a sound field, emphasizing the orientation of the sound and simulating the atmosphere of the listening environment, such as cinemas, halls, churches, stadiums, studios, and so on. 3, the number of playback channels is different Hi-Fi amplifiers are generally two-channel when playing sound, that is, amplifying the signals of the left and right channels and pushing the two sets of left and right speakers to form a stereo sound field. The AV amplifier has 4-9 channels, which promotes multiple speakers to form a surround sound field. For example: Dolby AC-3 requires 5.1 channels (left, center, right, left surround, right surround, subwoofer). 4. Differences in circuit design From the perspective of circuit design or circuit composition, there are large differences between the two power amplifiers. First of all, the high-fidelity Hi-Fi amplifier circuit is relatively simple, and there are few signal processing programs. It is just a combination of amplifier circuits and switching and adjustment circuits: AV amplifiers have more decoding circuits, delays, and reverb circuits, etc. It is also responsible for amplifying multiple signals, so it has a high degree of integration, complicated circuits, and many signal processing programs. Secondly, there are video circuits on the AV amplifier circuit configuration. Can AV amplifiers replace Hi-Fi amplifiers? No. The reasons are as follows: 1. AV amplifier is short of energy when playing a large signal sound source This can be seen from the product manual, the output power of the AV amplifier in the two-channel state is greater than the output power in the four-channel state. However, some manufacturers' instructions are the same. At this time, you can use a large dynamic range of music for audition, which can obviously feel powerless. This is because the total power consumption of the AV power amplifier is large, and the power supply power reserve is not surplus, while the Hi-Fi power amplifier appears to be calm. 2. AV amplifier routing often affects sound quality The AV amplifier is provided with multiple video and audio ports and accesses multiple sets of audio and video signal sources, resulting in multiple and complicated signal traces, which easily cause mutual interference of signals. In particular, the presence of distributed capacitors has the greatest impact on high-frequency audio and its harmonics, causing the original rich high-frequency components of high-quality signal sources to be attenuated or interfered, so that listeners cannot experience high-fidelity effects. 3.The phosphor screen of the AV amplifier will interfere with the sound quality AV amplifiers focus on convenient and multi-functional operation. The panel is equipped with a large fluorescent display to make the operation intuitive and vivid. However, the fluorescent screen is heated by low-voltage AC filament, and the character display is driven by the pulse signal, which will radiate many electromagnetic interference to the surroundings. Affects the sound quality.
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