Brief introduction of microwave power amplifier

by:Gisen     2020-01-01
With the rapid development of modern wireless communication, the limited spectrum resources need to carry higher and higher data traffic, and 4g lte technology will reach a transmission rate of 100 Mbps. In this case, the design and work of the wireless transmission system will be under great pressure. In order to improve efficiency, as the core component of the system-- Microwave power amplifiers are generally in a non-linear working state. The microwave power amplifier is used to amplify high-level signals for the transmitting system and provide considerable signal power to the load-antenna. Therefore, it is required that the amplifier works at high current and voltage, and its efficiency is particularly important. In addition, because the input signal level of the amplifier is high, the parameters of the microwave power tube are changing throughout the signal cycle, so distortion becomes a problem. Microwave power amplifiers are widely used in radar, communication, navigation, satellite earth stations, electronic countermeasures and other systems. For microwave transistor power amplifiers, it is always required to output a certain microwave power at a given frequency or within a certain frequency range. The microwave transistor power amplifier always works in a large signal state. The amplifier and circuit design methods used are different from those of the microwave small signal amplifier. It has many different characteristics and is difficult.
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