Basic composition of car audio system

by:Gisen     2020-03-28
The car audio system includes 5 parts: antenna, receiving device, speaker correction, audible frequency amplification and speaker system. In car audio modification, changing the host and changing speakers are the most common and basic modification. In the car audio, the speaker is used to restore the sound, and the sound quality is directly expressed by the speaker. That is to say, even if the entire audio system is more complicated, what we hear is only the sound of the speaker. Then let's take a closer look at the relevant knowledge of car audio system. Basic composition of car audio system Antenna The antenna is used to receive the radio waves transmitted by the broadcasting station and transmit to the radio frequency modulation device through a high-frequency cable. 2.Receiving device The receiving device is a radio tuner that selectively receives high-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by a radio station and demodulates them into audio electric signals. This image was provided by registered user 'Technology Digital', feedback on copyright statement 3. Cassette player Tape players are used to play music signals recorded on tape. 4.Laser player A compact disc player is used to play music signals recorded on a disc. 5. Equalizer (balanced volume controller) The equalizer is used to adjust the characteristics of the sound (music) signal to suit the car listening environment. 6. Power amplifier (speaker amplifier) A power amplifier is used to amplify a weak audio signal to a sufficient power to drive the speaker. 7.Speaker The speaker is an important part that ultimately determines the acoustic performance in the cabin. The size of the loudspeaker and the method and location of installation in the car are important factors that determine the sound performance. To enjoy stereo sound, at least two speakers must be installed in the car. Car Speaker Features Entering the car audio store, in addition to the assortment of hosts and power amplifiers, you will also see those different styles of exquisite and unique speakers (speakers). You may think that it is the same as ordinary home audio, but it is not. What's the difference? 1.Temperature The home speakers are used in the room, so the temperature difference is small, and the car works outdoors. As the climate changes, the temperature difference is large, so it must be resistant to temperature aging. 2.Humidity When the car is raining, when it has water, and when washing the car, it will be attacked by humidity. Therefore, the car speaker needs to be protected from moisture. Now, most of the moisture-proof chemical synthetic materials are used. 3.Dust Home appliance speakers are used in the room, so there is less dust, and there is more dust in the car. A dust cover is required to prevent noise from friction of the voice coil. 4.Vibration Car speakers are subject to vibration shocks when the car is moving at any time and place, so the design must be firm and not loose. 5.Noise Considering various noise and vibration conditions, the materials used are different, and various methods must be used to offset different noises. 6.Impedance The car's power supply voltage is low. In order to obtain large power, the impedance of the speakers is small, and 4惟, 3.2惟, and 2惟 are more used.
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