Why hasn't the electron tube power amplifier been eliminated yet?

by:Gisen     2019-12-28
Electron tubes are the product of the last century. The Birth of Electron Tubes marks the official entry of human beings into the electronic age. In 1904, a British physicist Fleming made the world's first electronic diode on the basis of Edison effect! On this basis, in 1906, there was an American inventor defrester (De Forest Lee) A grid plate was added between the filament and the pole of the electronic diode, and the world's first vacuum triode was born! Since then, the electronic era has officially opened! Civil, military, industrial, etc. have developed rapidly! At the same time, various daily electronic products, electronic tube appliances have also been interviewed. Radio, TV, etc. Tube Radio, with a cat's eye on the top right, automatically emits light with the size of the audio, Green. When I was a child listening to the radio at night, I always liked to stare at the cat's eye and felt very mysterious. At that time, the only household appliance in the family was quite high. To what extent, Grandpa hangs on a very high wall where our children can't reach it. The timing is opened by Grandpa himself every day. A few of our children are eagerly looking forward to it every day. When can I open it myself! At that time, the sound of the electron tube radio was deeply imprinted in my mind. Until now, I can't forget the warm voice and a happy childhood! Later, the electron tube was eliminated, no one used it, the power consumption was large, the volume was large, and it was easy to break, so the transistor was quickly eliminated after it came out! A variety of portable transistor radios become a fragrance. In the following years, enthusiasts officially appeared! After the popularity of transistor power amplifier, fans found that transistor power amplifier sounds are generally cold and not resistant to hearing. Although the overall parameters have improved a lot, the signal-to-noise ratio, distortion, etc. are much better than the electron tube. However, after listening to the timbre for a long time, I always feel the shortcomings, such as dry hair, hard hair and empty feeling. Especially vocals, not round at all, no air feeling. However, the transistor power amplifier has fast reaction speed, wide frequency range and good control of high and low frequencies. Big dynamic, high power non-transistor! However, from the point of view of transistor amplification circuit, transistor harmonic energy is rich, and there is still no attenuation of harmonic energy from one time to ten times. The harmonic energy of the two electron tubes is weak, and the harmonic energy disappears after two to four times. This is also an aspect that affects the timbre of power amplifier! And transistors are mostly odd harmonics and electron tubes are mostly even harmonics. Some studies have shown that odd harmonics can cause discomfort and discomfort to the listener, while even harmonics are just the opposite. Even harmonics can beautify sound and increase pan sound (In fact, it is a kind of sound dye), Listen to feel particularly comfortable. Listen to the same song and play it with the tube power amplifier and the transistor power amplifier respectively: the transistor feels that the sound is transparent, simple, neat, and instantly hits a little like a gust of wind, like a shower! Lilisoso, go down! What about electron tubes? The sound is the feeling that comes from the face, like a spring breeze, and like a drizzle. Quite with the wind sneak into the night to moisten things silently. Let people unconsciously immerse themselves in the warm, round and empty voice, unable to extricate themselves! Forget the high fidelity and forget the HiFi. There are people in the depths of the white clouds! But does this mean that the transistor power amplifier is useless? No, transistor power amplifier accounts for the vast majority of power amplifier in the world ( Digital power amplifier). High power, good dynamics and wide range of sound are incomparable to electron tubes! Especially the performance and some outdoor sound amplification! The electron tube power amplifier is destined to be popular in the circle of small fans! Although the performance indicators of transistor power amplifier are excellent, others like the electron tube power amplifier with poor indicators. It is said that it is sound dyeing, distortion, and low signal-to-noise ratio, but no matter what, people like this taste!
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