Why do you have to choose DSPpower amplifier?

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
What is DSP? DSP ( Digital Signal Processing) That is, digital signal processing is a unique microprocessor, a device that processes a large amount of information with digital signals. Its working principle is to receive analog signals and convert them into 0 or 1 digital signals. Then modify, delete, and strengthen the digital signal, and interpret the digital data back to the analog data or the actual environment format in other system chips. The simple understanding of DSPpower amplifier is that a power amplifier equipped with DSP chips. It not only has the function of ordinary power amplifier to amplify the power of audio signals, but also has the function of digital effect processing of audio signals. The difference between DSPpower amplifier and ordinary power amplifier is that ordinary power amplifier can only adjust gain, high and low, and cannot be connected to a computer. DSPpower amplifier can adjust the parameters of each channel (EQ, delay, frequency division point, etc) Adjust, select attenuation or addition of frequency according to the interior environment, adjust the time when the speaker sounds, so that all speakers can reach the human ear at the same time, and debug different frequency bands, to achieve equilibrium and obtain lower distortion and better music. When choosing power amplifier, be sure to choose DSPpower amplifier? There are many expensive ordinary power amplifier on the market. This kind of power amplifier is relatively stable and durable, but the effect is still a long way from DSPpower amplifier, if ordinary power amplifier wants to achieve or even exceed the sound quality represented by DSPpower amplifier, it needs to add an additional independent DSP processor.
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