Where is Gisen Audio factory located?
The mill of Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory gets the very advantageous position. Here, the price of collecting materials and production and distributing finished 4 channel pro amplifier to clients is minimal. Our mill is situated close to the origin of raw materials. Thus, we're in a position to decrease transport expenses, which considerably affects production expenses and supplies customers with the best profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower increases the efficient functioning of our plant life.

Gisen Audio is known internationally for its high quality top 10 power amplifiers. Gisen Audio's music amplifier series contains multiple sub-products. Gisen Audio 1u digital power amplifier is made of cost-efficient certified materials and exclusively crafted according to requirements. The product undergoes a series of tests and proves to have high resistance to impact and friction. The product is tough and firm. All of its parts are made of premium quality which can withstand heavy wear and tear. Attention has been paid to the circuit layout for safe operation.

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