What tube does the tube power amplifier use

by:Gisen     2020-06-20
Do the tube power amplifier components include: a double tube transistor (such as: 6N1, 6N2, 6N3); some capacitors; resistance. Working characteristics Circuit structure: Transistor amplifiers work at low voltage and high current. The working voltage of the power amplifier stage is within tens of volts, and the current reaches several amperes or tens of amperes. The circuit design mostly uses direct-coupled (OCL, BTL, etc.) non-output transformer circuits. The output power can be made very large, up to hundreds of watts, and the electrical performance is very high. The tube amplifier works under the condition of high voltage and low current. Since the screen voltage of the final power amplifier tube can reach 400-500V or even thousands of volts, the current flowing through the electron tube is only tens of milliamps to hundreds of milliamps. The input dynamic range is large and the conversion rate is fast. Most of the tube amplifiers use discrete components, manual wiring, and welding, which have low efficiency and high cost. Many crystal amplifiers use a combination of transistors and integrated circuits, widely used printed circuit boards, high efficiency, stable welding quality, and high electrical performance indicators. Benefits of Tube Amplifier 1) The input dynamic range of the tube power amplifier is large, and the conversion rate is fast. 2) Most of the vacuum tube power amplification uses discrete components, manual wire bonding and welding, which has low efficiency and high cost. This is particularly evident in developed countries. 3) The open-loop index of the tube power amplifier is better than that of the transistor. It does not need to add deep negative feedback and can work stably without adding phase compensation capacitors, so its dynamic index is better. 4) The sound quality of the tube amplifier is soft and beautiful overall. More specifically, the low-frequency sound of the tube amplifier is soft and clear, and the high-frequency sound is delicate and clean. Representing human voice is its strength. 5) The treble of the tube machine is smooth, with sufficient air feeling, and has a kind of sound staining that is quite popular among people. The soft and slightly murky sound is very beautiful. 6) The second-order harmonics caused by the tube amplifier are mainly even-numbered. This kind of harmonic component is very flattering, just like adding rich harmonics to beautify the sound. How to choose the tube amplifier 1) The tube amplifiers on the market are dazzling, and there are popular and famous brand products. The price of popular products is generally under one thousand dollars, and there is a DIY Kit specially made for audio enthusiasts. The circuit design of this kind of tube amplifier is flat with the body design. It uses medium-quality parts. Some products ignore the appearance of the body due to the lower cost of the manufacturer. Although the circuit design of this type of model is simple, there are few failures. The medium-quality parts may affect the sound quality Don't worry about its durability, this type of machine is very suitable for beginners of tube amplifiers. 2) European, American and Japanese manufacturers have been selling KIT models for decades. They have worked hard on design, accessories, packaging and production manuals. The packaging is streamlined and firm, and there is no need to worry about the purchases being damaged on the way if you purchase them by mail order. The production manual is more elaborately designed with pictures and texts. As long as it is installed step by step according to the manual, even those with only basic knowledge of electricity can make it successfully. In case of difficulties, the factory is also happy to guide. The KIT machine is usually hundreds of dollars cheaper than the same finished machine. After learning electrical theory, young enthusiasts can further improve their hobby of sound through actual installation. 3) Brand-name machines dare to use materials, a pair of WE 300B can be tens of times more expensive than ordinary 300B. Dozens of dollars for a capacitor, pure silver wiring, gold-plated interface, etc. are standard specifications of brand-name machines. The Parmelloy used in the ultra-high-priced brand-name tube power amplifier, the chip is matched with the output fire cow made of sterling silver coil, and the price is even higher. The design of famous brand amplifier is elaborately designed and made with exquisite craftsmanship, just like a piece of art, its value is enduring. If you want to buy a KIT or a finished machine, a popular brand-name machine, it is certainly not wrong to refer to the technical specifications in the advertisement and the conclusions of the audio magazine experts. Here, the editor can only provide some opinions to the buyers within the technical scope.
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