What's the use of power amplifier coaxial interface?

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
Now it is becoming more and more popular. In daily use, we inevitably encounter various problems. Even many consumers do not understand the role of each interface. So what I want to explain is what is the use of the coaxial interface of power amplifier. What is the use of power amplifier coaxial interface? The English marked next to the COAXIAL interface is: Digital/COAXIAL/spdif coaxial interface function: audio output COAXIAL interface features: 1, HD audio output, can output Digital signals to power amplifier, perform external audio decoding. 2. Coaxial is also a kind of digital output, but it is convenient to set it on the power amplifier without optical fiber. 3. The coaxial output is a digital audio signal, usually connected to an external decoder or power amplifier. 4. Then the decoder or power amplifier outputs an analog audio signal to the Speaker to obtain a perfect 5. 1 or 7. 1 sound quality. Summary: The above is the role and characteristics of the coaxial interface, everyone must have an understanding of the coaxial interface. In the future, I hope that everyone will no longer have doubts.
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