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by:Gisen     2020-06-22
???????In real life, most of the commonly used power amplifiers are a combination of a preamplifier that amplifies small signals and a rear power amplifier in a chassis. This type of power amplifier is often called a 'combined amplifier'. It is easy to use and has superior product performance. ? Household power amplifier ? However, this combined power amplifier has some inherent shortcomings, the most difficult to overcome is the mutual interference between the pre-stage and the post-stage. In order to solve this problem, the front stage power amplifier and the rear stage power amplifier are separately designed in the two cabinets, so that there is a pure rear stage power amplifier. According to the data, the vast majority of pure post-stage power amplifiers are two-channel structure, but this structure makes the two channels interfere with each other and the problem is not very easy to solve. In order to solve the signal interference between the two channels, a single-channel pure power amplifier that separates the two channels has appeared. The main performance indicators of mono amplifiers are: output power, frequency response, distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, output impedance, damping coefficient, etc. The weak signal from the sound source or pre-amplifier is amplified to push the speaker to play sound. The power amplifier is divided into functional blocks, and its main significance is to improve the performance of the power amplifier, not to pursue this form of separation. If the separation is only achieved in form, although the mutual interference problem can be solved, but other parameters are not significantly improved, then this separation is still very limited for the amplifier to improve the overall performance. ? After the power amplifier The power amplifier is divided into a transistor and a tube, and the front stage is also divided into a transistor and a tube. For audio lovers and music lovers, there are a variety of combinations in the selection of the pre-stage and the post-stage, and different combinations have different sound characteristics, which gives users more room for choice. The front stage connected with the pure rear stage power amplifier has a greater impact on the quality of the entire audio system. First of all, it must have certain performance, otherwise, the advantages of pure post or mono will not be exerted, and it may even highlight the 'faults' of a poor pre-level, and the overall sound effect will become even less ideal. . In addition, different preamplifiers and poststages have different sound characteristics, and users can choose different combinations of power amplifiers according to their personal preferences. It is not difficult to find that many audio and music lovers like to use the combination of 'before the gallbladder and the back of the stone' (that is, the front stage of the tube and the rear stage of the transistor). Good features, and enjoy the sweet and mellow charm of the preamp of the tube, but this combination is not a golden rule, because the specific pre and post have their own characteristics, and the preference for the tone varies from person to person. , Users can find their favorite audio combination according to specific usage, so as to get a better sound experience.
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