What is the difference between power amplifier and speaker?

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
In daily life, we often see power amplifier and speakers, which are important components of audio equipment, but what is the difference? Many friends don't know, so I'll share with you the knowledge of power amplifier and speakers. What is power amplifier? Power amplifier is a power amplifier, the most important part of sound and the center of sound. Its main function is to enlarge the audio and video signals, push the speaker to burst, and also perform audio modification. What is the speaker? The Speaker is the terminal of the entire audio system. Its function is to convert audio power into corresponding sound energy and radiate it to space. The popular understanding is: 1. Deal with the sound to make the sound distortion smaller and make it more beautiful. 2. Deal with the sound waves and sound fields of the emitted sound, so that the sound is not weak but enhances the sound effect. 3, changed the pronunciation effect of the speaker, so that the sound is resonated by the Speaker to enhance the sound quality of the sound. Speakers are divided into active speakers and passive speakers. Passive speakers must purchase power amplifier separately to make sound, while active speakers have installed a power amplifier inside the box, therefore, it is not necessary to have another power amplifier to make a sound. Active speaker = simple power amplifier speaker, passive box = speaker ( Without power amplifier, it needs to be purchased separately). The difference between power amplifier and speaker 1. Function power amplifier is only responsible for amplifying the signal, not making sound, the speaker will only make sound, not amplifying the signal (Except for active sound speakers). 2, technical indicators different power amplifier technical indicators mainly have output power, frequency response, distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, output impedance, damping coefficient, emphasis, and the technical indicators of the Speaker have a frequency range, frequency response, power, impedance, sensitivity, distortion, but emphasis.
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