what is the difference between a personal sound amplifier and a hearing aid?

by:Gisen     2020-05-29
Commercial advertising for personal megaphone (PSA)
If you struggle while listening to TV, conversations, and other noises in the distance, it may stimulate your interest.
These small devices are said to amplify the noise so you can watch the TV without disturbing others and even hear the conversation in a noisy environment.
But when you order a personal sound amplifier, you should be careful because it is not a hearing aid and it functions differently than a hearing aid.
Both these PSAs and hearing devices can amplify the noise, making it easier to hear.
But in order to make up for hearing loss or hearing loss, you need a hearing aid.
If you choose a personal sound amplification device, you may ignore the root cause of hearing loss.
Self-diagnosis is never a smart idea, so please see a doctor and make an assessment if you have any hearing loss.
In order to let people know the difference between devices directly, the United StatesS.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Definitions and guidelines were proposed in February 2009.
These guidelines point out that the purpose of the personal sound amplifier is right and wrong
For entertainment purposes, including hunting, bugging, or watching TV, people with hearing damage can amplify the noise.
These devices should not be used to compensate for hearing loss at any level and should not be used for continuous daily use.
The FDA also does not regulate these amplifiers because they are not used to treat hearing loss.
FDA regulates hearing aids and cochlear implants through pre-market reviews and requirements.
Hearing equipment manufacturers must also comply with strict guidelines for product labeling.
Since PSA is not subject to such strict supervision, they can make a claim or omit the information on the package.
Many individual AMP packages are not distinguished from those behindthe-
So if consumers are not careful, they may end up buying a personal sound amplifier that they think is a hearing aid.
These are not good or bad.
It is the responsibility of the consumer to understand the type of product he or she purchased and the use.
See a doctor if you have hearing loss.
This way you can know if you need a hearing device.
In some cases, personal sound amplifiers may be helpful, but it is unwise to rely on devices that are not designed for treatment or help.
But in some cases each of us may want us to hear better, whether it\'s hunting, listening to another person\'s conversation, or looking after the children in the room next door, in all of these cases, the PSA works properly.
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