What is the difference between a digital processor and a power amplifier?

by:Gisen     2019-12-30
What is the digital processor? What is power amplifier? What is the difference between digital processor and power amplifier in detail? Today, the author will analyze the difference between digital processor and power amplifier in detail. What is a digital processor? A digital processor, also called an audio processor, refers to the processing of digital signals. Its internal structure is generally composed of input and output parts. If you refer to a hardware device, it is an audio processing device that uses digital processing for internal circuits. High signal-to-noise ratio and strong interference ability. The digital audio processor is relative to the analog audio system. The earliest analog audio system, sound from the microphone into the mixer, pressure limit, balance, excitation, frequency division, power amplifier, Speaker. The digital audio processor concentrates on the functions of all analog devices. The physical connection is only a microphone, a digital audio processor, a power amplifier, a speaker, and the rest is operated in the software. The main function of the digital audio processor: input gain: this must be understood by everyone, that is, to control the input level of the processor. Generally, the range that can be adjusted is about 12 decibels. Input equalization: most digital processors use 4-8 full-parameter equalization, and there are 3 internal adjustable parameters, namely frequency, bandwidth or Q value and gain. Input delay: This function is to make some delay as soon as the input signal of this processor enters, and generally make overall delay adjustment when this processor and the speaker it controls are used as auxiliary. Input polarity conversion: you can convert the polarity phase of the entire processor between positive and negative, saving you from changing the line. Power amplifier can be said to be the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment. Its function is mainly to amplify the weak signal input by the audio source equipment, generate enough current to push the speaker to replay the sound. The difference between digital processor and power amplifier, through the understanding of the above content, we know that digital processor is used to adjust the parameters of the sound system. It is mainly used to divide the frequency, protect the speaker power amplifier, adjust the equipment balance according to the acoustic characteristics of the room, etc. , and power amplifier is to amplify the weaker signal input by the sound source equipment, and push the speaker to replay the sound.
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