What is power amplifier?

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
Power amplifier, commonly known as 'amplifier', is used to amplify weak signals from sound sources or front-stage amplifiers and push speakers to prevent sound. A good sound system power amplifier plays an important role. Power amplifier is the most basic device in the audio system. Its task is to bring from the signal source (The professional audio system is from the mixer) The weak electrical signal of is amplified to drive the Speaker to make a sound. Power amplifier, referred to as power amplifier for short, can be said to be the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment. Its function is mainly to amplify the weak signal input by the audio source broadcasting equipment, generate enough current to push the speaker to replay the sound. Considering power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, different use ranges and control and regulation functions, different power amplifier also have different internal signal processing, line design and production processes.
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