What is cloud broadcast? Technical background on broadcasting development

by:Gisen     2019-12-26
What is cloud broadcasting? Cloud broadcasting is a broadcasting system implemented by using cloud computing model distribution. The term 'cloud broadcasting' was first put forward by pdfdo and first implemented. Thinkdo cloud broadcasting system breaks through the performance bottleneck of a single server, supports multi-level cross-regional broadcasting, and builds IP network broadcasting systems throughout the province and even the whole country, it can be widely used in rural areas, chain organizations and other broadcasting systems that need to be built across regions, which has led to another qualitative leap in the broadcasting system and created a new era of broadcasting system application. Broadcasting System, as an efficient one-to-many communication method, has a very wide range of applications in stations, airports, factories, mines, schools, hotels and other places. The development history of broadcasting system has also gone through the processes of constant voltage Broadcasting, intelligent broadcasting, FM broadcasting, numerical control addressing Broadcasting, etc. Although these broadcasting technologies adopt different transmission methods and increase control data, the sound is still analog signal transmission. The biggest problem is that the signal attenuation and noise interference in the transmission process cannot be solved, and the transmission distance and the number of broadcast points accessed are limited. With the popularization of computer network technology, computer network technology has also been applied to the field of broadcasting. A broadcasting system that transmits sound information using TCP/IP network protocol is called IP broadcasting. The sound signal transmitted in the IP broadcasting system needs to be sampled and encoded as a digital signal, and the pure digital signal is transmitted. The digital signal will not be distorted during the transmission process, and the signal transmission distance is not limited, therefore, the defect of analog broadcasting in signal transmission is fundamentally solved. IP broadcasting is mainly composed of server software system, IP terminal equipment and intermediate network transmission equipment. The server software sends audio stream to the designated terminal, the terminal decodes and restores the received audio stream to an analog signal to drive the speaker to play the sound. With more and more applications of IP broadcasting systems, people hope to use IP broadcasting technology to build larger-scale broadcasting networks, such as rural broadcasting and chain agency broadcasting systems established in the whole province and the whole region, group company broadcasting system and so on. The existing IP Broadcasting System, the technology adopted by most manufacturers, is based on the single server architecture mode, and the server hardware performance and network bandwidth limit the number of broadcast terminal nodes, generally, the number of terminal nodes that a single server can support is 200 ~ 500. In order to break through the performance bottleneck of a single server and support large-scale IP broadcasting networks, thinkdo cloud broadcasting technology came into being.
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