What does the amplifier do?

by:Gisen     2020-04-06
The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or pre-amplifier, so as to generate a sufficient current to push the speaker for sound reproduction. The function of a good sound system power amplifier is indispensable. Due to the consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics and different use ranges and control adjustment functions, different power amplifiers also have different internal signal processing, circuit design and production processes. The same, so some amplifiers also have the effect of suppressing howling, high fidelity, reverberation and so on. This image was provided by registered user '蹇楀+ 璞澃', copyright statement feedback How the amplifier is connected to the audio 1. First, see if the audio cables behind the amplifier and audio are complete. If not, you must first buy a section from the hardware store. It doesn't have to be too long, otherwise it will be put in the back. 2. The connection of audio cable is very easy. First find a vise or scissors, and peel the end of the audio cable out of the rubber layer on the surface to expose the copper wire inside. Generally, the two colors are brass and silver. 3. After the audio cable is peeled, twist the copper wire a few times by hand to make the copper wire more rigid. Then you can see that there are red and black terminals behind the amplifier, brass posts connected to red posts, and silver connected to black. column. 4, the other end of the audio cable is also connected to the back of the audio, some speakers are terminal type, and some more convenient, snap type. Press down the buckle with your fingers, pull the thread in, and then let go, the thread will be caught by the buckle, which is very simple. 5. If there are two speakers, connect the wires to Left and Right respectively, that is, one to the left and one to the right. 6. After the power amplifier and audio are connected, it is necessary to input the sound source to the power amplifier. The general situation of the sound source is to use a DVD player. If allowed, you can also use a notebook, etc., to be more flexible. The connecting cable needs to use two audio cables with lotus heads at both ends. The L and R channels of the OUTPUT behind the DVD are used to output sound signals. The power amplifier is also plugged into the L and R, but note that the INPUT input. Then the sound will be output from the DVD to the amplifier, and then output from the amplifier to the stereo. 7. Finally, you can open the DVD and amplifier for testing. As long as the lines are not connected wrong, you can hear the sound. Precautions for using the amplifier 1. When the amplifier is connected to the speaker, it is necessary to consider the problem of impedance matching and power matching. The amplifier is connected to the speaker, and the output impedance is usually 4惟 or 8惟. Then the impedance of the speaker should be consistent with it. If it is inconsistent, the amplifier or speaker may be damaged. In addition, you must also consider the matching of power. For example, if the output power of the amplifier is 300 watts and the speaker is 10 watts, then the speaker may be damaged. The two should be close. 2. The output of the amplifier connected to the speaker has two sockets, one red and one black, so the cable connecting the speaker should be a special cable for the speaker, which is also two sticky together. The jacks on the back of the speakers are also red and black. Then connect the red cable of the power amplifier to the red plug of the speaker, and the black cable to the black one.
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