What are the types of amplifiers

by:Gisen     2020-04-04
Amplifier is actually a kind of power amplification equipment, which can be divided into three categories: professional amplifier, civilian amplifier, and special amplifier. In daily life, we can buy amplifiers by seeing whether the interfaces are complete, whether the surround sound format is available, whether the power of all channels is individually adjustable, the weight of the amplifier, the frequency range, and the brand. Let's take a look with Xiaobian next. What are the types of amplifiers 1.Professional power amplifier Generally used for conference, performance, hall, hall, venue, hall amplification. The design is based on large output power, complete protection circuits, and good heat dissipation. Most 'professional power amplifier' sounds are used for HI-FI playback. Hi-Fi playback is an amplifier designed to reproduce the original appearance of music with high fidelity. Generally, it is a two-channel design without a display. This image was provided by registered user '蹇楀+ 璞澃', copyright statement feedback 2.Civil power amplifier Civil power amplifiers can be divided into HI-FI amplifiers, AV amplifiers, KALAOK amplifiers, and so-called 'comprehensive amplifiers' that integrate various commonly used functions. 3.Special amplifier Special amplifiers are amplifiers used in special occasions, such as alarms, low-voltage amplifiers for vehicles, and so on. How to buy an amplifier 1. See if the interface is complete The most basic input and output interfaces that an AV amplifier should have, such as coaxial, fiber optic, and RCA multi-channel input interfaces, for inputting digital or analog audio signals, and speaker output interfaces for outputting signals to audio. 2, see if the surround sound format is available Popular surround sound formats are mainly DD and DTS, both of which are 5.1 channels. Now these two formats have been developed to DDEX and DTSES, both of which are 6.1 channels. 3. See if the power of all channels is individually adjustable Some cheap power amplifiers divide the two channels into five channels. If the channels are large, the channels are large, and the small ones are small. However, each channel of a truly qualified AV amplifier can be adjusted independently. 4, look at the weight of the amplifier Generally speaking, you should choose a heavier model as much as possible. The reason is that the heavier equipment has a stronger power supply first, and the weight of the power amplification part comes from the power supply and the chassis. Larger or larger capacitors are used to improve the quality of the amplifier. Secondly, the case is heavier. The material and weight of the case have a certain degree of influence on the sound. A case made of certain materials can help the circuit inside the case and the radio waves walking outside. The high weight or stable structure of the chassis can also prevent the equipment from being affected by unnecessary vibrations and affecting the sound. The third is the heavier power amplifier, which is usually rich and solid. 5, look at the frequency range The continuous power output of the amplifier shall be detected within the frequency range in which it is actually used. Regarding the power of the power amplifier, it is required to identify the complete detection range, and the power value only has no meaning when identifying a certain frequency. After determining the same benchmark, we can compare the power of the amplifiers. Generally, the principle of high power output is generally followed when purchasing a sound system. The greater the output power of the amplifiers, the stronger their ability to drive speakers. 6, look at the brand The product quality of big brands is often guaranteed, the after-sales service is better, the production technology is mature, and the price positioning is reasonable. Consumers can buy according to their actual needs. Don't buy fake products for cheap.
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