What about the technology used by Gisen Audio?
Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory has been noted for engineering excellence and dedication to innovation and quality. With Innovative R&D facilities, you also can get the important ingredients to creating really distinguished studio amplifier options. Employing state-of-the-art technology assists us to remain indisputable concerning quality. Our sales staff and technology team combine in their attempt to create new products for you personally.

Gisen Audio is world-wide prestigious for its high quality top 10 power amplifiers and stable supply capability. Gisen Audio's power amplifier series contains multiple sub-products. The designs of Gisen Audio 1u digital power amplifier vary with the changes in the market. High-current power stability is provided by the product. This product is abrasion resistant. The antistatic agents and softening agents have been blended into its fibers during the material treatment to enhance its capacity to withstand wear and tear. High-current power stability is provided by the product.

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