What about the plant size of Gisen Audio?
With strong manufacturing capacities and advanced manufacturing equipment, our mill is the greatest one from the DJ sound amplifier production foundation. We constantly manage the factory with the maximum quality and productivity. Our factory has large manufacturing lines and complex equipment, with gifted and professional engineers.

Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory is one of dsp amplifier industry leaders, mainly engaged in production and sales of . Gisen Audio's home theatre power amplifier series contains multiple sub-products. Gisen Audio homemade sound amplifier is made of the materials that fully meet with the rigorous product safety standards. Each channel has independent limiter and compressor, ensuring no interference caused by other channels. The product provides reliable and safe electricity energy. It is less likely to have short circuits problem or easily affected by large currents. Its compact design is ideal for mounting in low clearance location.

Gisen Audio Equipment will develop horizontally to meet the needs of foreign trade market. Get info!
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