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by:Gisen     2020-04-01
In recent years, Class D amplifiers have been valued by all aspects of society because of their high efficiency and in line with the development trend of modern society. In addition, with the development of science and technology in recent years, people have found many similarities between digital audio and Class D amplifiers, which has led to more attention to Class D amplifiers. The number of Class D amplifiers is increasing, but I believe that Most people should be unfamiliar with the advantages and disadvantages of class d amplifiers. In response to this situation, Xiaobian has collected some information related to the advantages and disadvantages of class d amplifiers on the Internet, so let 鈥檚 share them with everyone. Right. The advantages of class D power amplifier There are many advantages of the d class amplifier, let me talk about it in detail below. 1, class d power amplifier has a very high conversion rate of energy use, and its volume is very small, and has strong reliability. The battery usage rate of class d amplifier can reach more than 90%, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. 2, Class d power amplifier has a wide range of use. The minimum value of the load impedance connected to it can be very low. In addition, the battery conversion rate can basically be said to be the same regardless of the change in load impedance 3, class d amplifier has no relative changes of high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency. Its sound is very clear, and the sound image has a very accurate positioning. 4, d amplifier is very suitable for mass production of products. As long as you ensure that the components are installed properly, you can make the product very consistent, and no debugging is required during the production process, which is safe and reliable. 5. Class d power amplifier can directly implement functions such as group control, remote control, and monitoring without adding any devices. Disadvantages of class D power amplifier Class D power amplifiers have many advantages, but they also have many disadvantages, and these shortcomings have seriously affected the development of class D power amplifiers. Let me specifically talk about the disadvantages of class D power amplifiers. 1. There is no special switch for class D power amplifier. If the installed power transistor does not match well with other devices, the quality of the entire product will not pass. 2. During the initial connection and final shutdown of the power transistor of the Class D power amplifier, the potential close to the ground will fluctuate, which will increase the noise. 3, the output circuit of class D power amplifier may appear dead band and so on. 4. The speaker of Class D power amplifier may be distorted for some reason.
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