Six elements of automobile sound system

by:Gisen     2020-01-06
The reason why the sound system can be called sound is that the most basic condition is--There is a function to play back the sound. In the sound system, at least the following points must be proposed before they are eligible to be called sound. This is true for any sound system, and car sound is no exception. Car Audio mainly includes three parts: Host, speaker and power amplifier. The host computer is the most important part of the car sound, just like the human brain. What kind of sound to make must be controlled by the brain. At present, popular hosts include CD hosts, MP3 plus CD disc boxes and CD/DVD/car MP5 hosts. MP5 hosts have replaced the general on-board CD audio system, and massive hard disk capacity has replaced the traditional discs. Car MP5 has become the mainstream today. Software and media, what do you want to listen? Traffic program? Then you have to turn on the radio station and switch to the right channel. Want to watch TV in the car? That's simpler. The LCD screen has long been one of the protagonists of the car audio system, even if you want to watch DVD. Want to listen to music? Put a record you like, whether it is CD, MD, or cassette, just which singer's song is included in it, you like Liu Jialiang, I love to listen to hit- Pop, who loves to listen to who put whose records, buns and steamed buns have their own love. The sound source can decode the mechanism of software and multimedia, which is called the sound source. This proper noun seems to be difficult to understand, but it is actually a very simple thing!  The broadcast is called tuner , commonly known as Radio; ▲ Playing the cassette is called a card-type playback seat: As for playing CD records, it is called CD-Player,  is also a laser disc--Very simple! In simple terms, the front stage is before the back stage, so we generally call the power amplifier the back stage, so between the sound source and the power amplifier, all processing devices for music signals, they are all called the previous level. For example, the control of the volume on the car audio host is the part of the previous stage, which controls the strength of the signal. Among other audio equipment, the front-level control part is often seen, as well as the adjustment of treble and bass, left and right balance, front and rear volume adjustment, and louderless loudness control. In addition, the more complex is the audio equalizer (EQ) Its function is the same as that of the bedside sound, which has multiple frequency adjustment timbre and displays different pattern screens. In addition, the digital sound processor DSP is also the standard equipment for many hosts now, which simply simulates the sound characteristics of gymnasiums, dance halls or concert halls. To sum up, any organization about signal processing or adjustment is the former level. Most of the sound signal strength controlled by the power amplification mechanism and the front stage is only a few volts, which is not enough to drive the monomer. Therefore, the signal must be eaten with 'Hercules pills' and the signal strength must be stronger, make it can Watt (W) To calculate, the mechanism that strengthens the signal success rate output is called the power amplifier, also known as the power amplifier. Generally speaking, the total output power value of the sound system, that is, the sum of the output power of all power amplifiers in the system, is used as a grading of the size of the sound system. Speakers: The parts that turn electric energy into sound waves are called speakers. Perhaps some readers have guessed that the speaker is commonly known as the speaker! Right . . . . . . Only half right. The mechanism that can convert the signal into sound, in addition to the reciprocating coil horn monomer that is common to the circle or ellipse, there are other types of speakers! For example, a ribbon with a metal band to sound (Ribbon) Electrostatic speakers that drive the plane shock film with static electricity also have a place in the sound. However, in the car audio, the moving horn is still the mainstream. In addition to the American Infinity and Taiwan Ezzy ribbon-type car treble monomer, the other are common moving-type monomers. The transmission mechanism is a complete sound system. Wire is an indispensable combination, but wire is often overlooked. In fact, the good or bad wire will directly affect the quality of the sound, because the wire is different in design and specification from material, stranded structure to diameter, insulation and impedance values, both affect the transmission of signals or electricity. In terms of the use of wires, different equipment needs wires with different design orientations, such as power supply, grounding, starting, signal, horn, optical fiber and wires required for special systems, all of them are different in design due to their different requirements. For example, for the horn line that requires sound quality, the purity of the material must be as high as possible, otherwise too many impurities will affect the full play of the sound. In addition, the terminal between the wire and the equipment is also very important. Whether the contact is firm or not, the size of the contact area, the design and material of the joint, and the grounding are good will also have a significant impact on the sound effect. Regardless of the size of the audio system on your car, when you turn on the audio on your car, as long as you can provide music you want to hear and enjoy your hearing, it is the most perfect car audio system.
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