Key points of speaker selection

by:Gisen     2019-12-28
With the improvement of people's living standards, in addition to satisfying the material foundation, more people are now pursuing spiritual needs. KTV, electric syllables and home cinemas are inseparable from the existence of sound boxes. The quality of sound boxes determines the quality of sound effects. Speaker products are in various forms. In addition to the brand, merchants need to pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing speakers. Next, Guangzhou GISEN combined with some skills when purchasing speakers such as 'view,, knock,' to explain in detail. 1. Observe the quality. Of course, the speakers made with natural log Seiko are the best. Many world-famous speakers, including Chario (Zhuoli) Neri Homage (Mingqin) However, due to environmental protection, lack of resources, processing technology is difficult, long time and other factors, such good boxes will never be popularized like 'rejoice' shampoo everywhere, the price must not be low. Therefore, the common speakers are decorated with a thin layer of wood skin on the surface of MDF medium density fiberboard: speakers decorated with real wood skin and fine decoration, especially for rare wood skins such as sour branches, Sparrow eyes, pears, walnuts, Caragana, and red pomelo, the natural wood grain has good visual effect and feels smooth and comfortable. 2. Most of the speakers with good weight are 18 ~ The high-quality MDF particle board and the high-grade flagship speaker are made of overweight solid wood or multi-layer composite plywood such as rosewood and yellow oak, so the weight is amazing. Often a pair of speakers have a net weight of 50 or 60. Most of the medium and low-end road products use soft particleboard, and counterfeit and shoddy products use inferior quality paper rubber plates, so the weight is generally lighter. In the sound industry, there is often a saying that 'the quality of the expert, the weight of the layman', the heavy speaker is definitely better than the light speaker. However, we should be alert to bad businesses filling sand and stone cement at the bottom of the sound body to gain weight to deceive consumers. 3. Knock the box with the knuckles to knock the upper, lower, left and right front and rear barrier plates of the box. All sides of the box emit a solid and slight brittle sound. It feels that the plate is hard and thick, and there are multiple reinforcing bars inside, the structure of the box is reasonable and strong, and there are various measures to prevent sound insulation and standing waves. This kind of box has high processing cost and difficulty, so there are few fake and shoddy products. If you use the knuckles to knock the box to make an empty sound of ', ', it means that the plate is too thin, the material quality is poor, and the structure is unreasonable. And there is no sound-absorbing material or reinforcement inside, resulting in a large number of diffuse reflection and standing wave formation in the box. Buying this kind of speaker will never get a good replay effect.
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