Is there instruction manual for stereo amplifier ?

Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory has prepared you the Instructions to fulfill your needs, saving time and providing the reassurance.  Following the Instructions as the correct operation will affect the working efficiency and life of stereo amplifier . Except for the Instruction, our dedicated service team is available to provide expert advice and support for you.

By concentrating on R&D and production of top 10 power amplifiers, Gisen Audio achieves breakthroughs in sales volume. Gisen Audio's music amplifier series contains multiple sub-products. Gisen Audio power amplifier is produced by state-of-the-art precision machines. Attention has been paid to the circuit layout for safe operation.  our team's service team is dedicated to providing you with any assistance for dsp amplifier products. No matter there is a short circuit or long-time full-load working, it can quickly stop working for security.

Our best to you and your dsp amplifier from the team at our team Equipment. Welcome to visit our factory!

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