Is it better to install DSP in car audio or to

by:Gisen     2020-06-04
General car power amplifiers are Class A and B amplifiers (also known as Class AB and Class D amplifiers (also known as Class D or digital amplifiers). The main function of the amplifier is to amplify the low-frequency signal and then generate a large enough current to promote Loudspeaker working sounds, due to the power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, etc. of the power amplifier, as well as different use ranges and control adjustment functions, the signal processing, circuit design and production process of different power amplifiers are also different. Generally speaking, it is class AB amplifier, and high-power class D subwoofer amplifier, etc.! Is it better to install a DSP or a traditional power amplifier? DSPs on the market are divided into two categories in terms of functions: one is a built-in DSP with a small power amplifier, which is a power amplifier with a sound processor. The other category is pure audio processor, which is more professional, full-featured and higher-end. This type of power amplifier is for professional modification, and it must be used with the power amplifier! DSP has been developed in recent years, especially the domestic technology and software have developed very well, and the functions are more user-friendly and better sound! DSP power amplifier has many advantages, you can intuitively adjust the delay and sound effects, frequency division is very convenient. The owner can call out his favorite music style. The DSP power amplifier is small in size and basically does not take up space. At the same time, it can be equipped with special wire for special vehicles to achieve non-destructive installation. The installation is fast and convenient. DSP processor can be adjusted by computer! Adjust the EQ, crossover point, delay, phase, etc. of each channel. Through the better management of audio signals in the computer, the DSP power amplifier has the functions of other power amplifiers, and at the same time improves the bad hearing caused by the environment in the car. Through DSP to create personalized and professional sound effects. The general power amplifier can only adjust the gain and high and low pass, and can not be connected to the computer for specific data management, all rely on the hearing of the installation technician! In this way, the requirements for the installation technician are relatively high, and everyone's hearing is different. The technician feels good, you don't necessarily feel it! Introduced here is not a lot of DSP advantages! DSP power amplifier has the following advantages 1 DSP with power amplifier, saves wiring, avoids dry interference, basically does not occupy space, and can be installed without loss! The price is not very high! 2 DSP power amplifier can use the computer for active frequency division, delay processing, and EQ tuning, so that the complex environment of the car can be improved, and the sound of the audio can be more durable and better! 3 Can be quickly installed and debugged, there are 6-8 predetermined frequency bands in the basic DSP, one by one audition can basically achieve satisfactory results! 4 Now the DSP can also be connected to Bluetooth to play music, and those with high-quality music on the mobile phone can be played directly. Now a large part of the DSP supports direct tuning of the mobile phone! Bring a better experience to customers! Having said so much good! DSP also has its drawbacks. The 2: 1 DSP power amplifier will not greatly improve the sound quality, but the improvement of the sound field will be much better. 2 DSP power amplifier can not drive high-power speakers! Generally suitable for original speakers! If you want more perfect sound quality, the best solution is to add a power amplifier and change speakers. If the budget is enough to change the host, this is the best!
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