How many production lines does Gisen Audio run?
Since its inception, Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory has advanced production lines to meet the needs of more customers. The entire production line plays an important role in the sequential operations performed by the factory, in which raw materials are processed through the refining process to build a complete cheap amplifiers home audio . Our manufacturing facilities are world-leading. Their adoption can improve the production process and better meet the needs of customers.

Even in competitive market of toroidal transformer amplifier, Gisen Audio stands out by home power amp. Gisen Audio's top 10 power amplifiers series contains multiple sub-products. By using advanced technology in the production, Gisen Audio 1u digital power amplifier has a delicate surface finish. No matter there is a short circuit or long-time full-load working, it can quickly stop working for security. The product guarantees high safety and security. It will not have spontaneous combustion or burn when it is squeezed or impacted. Attention has been paid to the circuit layout for safe operation.

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