How long will it take if I want high power audio amplifier sample?

Ordinarily, an ordinary product sample of audio amplifier will be sent as soon as the sample order is placed. When the sample is sent, we will provide an email notification of your order status. Should you experience delays in getting your sample purchase, contact us. We'll help to validate the status of your sample.

By concentrating on the excellent management with customers, Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory is more competitive than other countries. Gisen Audio's dsp amplifier series contains multiple sub-products. The manufacturing process of Gisen Audio home power amp is safe and reliable. The product involves the users in pure analog sound.  It is highly resistant to corrosion. It has been treated with chemical liquids during the preliminary stage to enhance its capacity to rust and corrosion. Its surface is well processed by a layer of paint to resist rust.

The goal of Gisen Audio brand is to take the lead in the field of power amplifier. Get price!

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