How can I visit Gisen Audio factory?
Contact Guangzhou Gisen Audio Equipment Factory and inform us where to leave. A route might be supplied. We make certain the location of this mill is favorable to the environment and secure to the employees. Covering a large area and constituted of different assignments, the mill is aimed at supplying quality pa amplifier .

Gisen Audio is an honest enterprise which specializes in music amplifier. Gisen Audio's top 10 power amplifiers series contains multiple sub-products. This product has a high-rate discharge capability. The resistance of contact face between electrodes and electrolyte is lowered to a certain level, which enhances its electric performance. The built-in loudspeaker protection circuit protects high volume bursts of audio. Whether it is R&D, production, quality control, business marketing or technical services, Gisen Audio insists on providing the best. Its cooling system made up of temperature-controlled fan can rapidly respond to dynamic environment change.

We devote to the aim of become an home theatre power amplifier industry standard enterprise. Contact us!
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