Choose AVpower amplifier or HIFIpower amplifier?

by:Gisen     2019-12-28
AVpower amplifier and HIFIpower amplifier are the two most common devices in the speaker equipment market. For many small white users, he may not know 'what AVpower amplifier, what is HIFIpower amplifier ', how can he choose the power amplifier he needs? Don't worry, today, the author said to everyone: the difference between AVpower amplifier and HIFIpower amplifier, and which power amplifier is good. What is AVpower amplifier A (Audio)Indicates audio, audio, V (Video) It represents audio and image, so AVpower amplifier is an audio-visual amplifier that combines audio and video signal processing, emphasizing the atmosphere of sound field and is specially used in home cinemas. What is hifipower amplifier of Hi-Fi is English HT- The abbreviation of Fidelity, literally translated as High Fidelity, requires audio equipment to amplify and process various indicators of sound signals in the replay process to restore the original appearance of sound sources, the emphasis is on the original taste, which is specially used to appreciate music, such as classical music. The difference between AVpower amplifier and hifupower amplifier, in the above, we briefly understand 'what is AVpower amplifier, what is hifupower amplifier, and I realized the difference between AVpower amplifier and HIFIpower amplifier in terms of use: The former is mainly used in the field and requires audio and video equipment, while the latter only needs to provide audio equipment, focusing on music, so what is the difference between AVpower amplifier and HIFIpower amplifier? We continue to look down. 1. The number of channels is different. AVpower amplifier has 4- 9-way, pushing multi-channel speakers to form a surround sound field, for example: Dolby AC-3 to 5. 1 channel. And Hi- Fipower amplifier usually has two channels when playing, that is, amplifying the signals of the left and right channels and pushing the left and right speakers, thus forming a sound field for stereo sound. 2. The parameter indexes of AVpower amplifier with different parameter indexes mainly include output power, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, frequency range, rated impedance and damping coefficient, etc, in particular, the channel isolation, delay time range, various sound field modes and other index parameters are emphasized, and there are also more indicators related to the video part. And Hi- Although Fipower amplifier also has these parameter indicators, it emphasizes harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratio. Do you choose AVpower amplifier or HIFIpower amplifier? Which kind of power amplifier is better? 3, the sound atmosphere is different AVpower amplifier in the way of the sound is to create a sound field as the main design purpose, emphasizing the layering of the sound, simulating the atmosphere of the listening environment, and Hi- In the way of reading, Fipower amplifier is mostly designed with high fidelity. It pays attention to the original amplification of the signal from the signal source, mainly used to appreciate music, vocals, etc. , and pursue the true effect of the sound. Can AVpower amplifier be used as HIFIpower amplifier? AVpower amplifier brings together two signal processing amplifiers, audio and video, while HIFIpower amplifier only has audio amplifier. So can we replace HIFIpower amplifier with AVpower amplifier? The answer is no, there are three reasons: 1. AVpower amplifier has insufficient power when playing large dynamic range Music. The output power of AV amplifier in dual channel state is larger than that in four channel state. At this time, using a large dynamic range of music for audition, you can obviously feel powerless. And Hi- Fipower amplifier is calm. 2. AV power amplifier routing affects sound quality. AV amplifier sets up multiple video and audio ports and accesses multiple groups of audio and video signal sources, resulting in multiple and miscellaneous signal routing and easy mutual interference of signals. The original rich high-frequency components of high-quality signal sources are attenuated or interfered, so that listeners do not appreciate the high-fidelity effect. Do you choose AVpower amplifier or HIFIpower amplifier? Which kind of power amplifier is better? 3. The screen of AVpower amplifier will interfere with the sound quality. The AVpower amplifier panel is equipped with a large fluorescent display. The character display driven by the pulse signal will radiate a lot of electromagnetic interference to the surrounding area, obviously affect the sound quality. It is said that AVpower amplifier cannot replace HIFIpower amplifier, but it does not have to be so serious. If your requirements for sound quality are not too high, AVpower amplifier can also be used as> HIFIpower amplifier. Of course, the final effect is not so ideal compared to the professional HIFIpower amplifier.
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