Characteristics and application scope of passive device high power Test System

by:Gisen     2019-12-29
Product features: high power: average power 500 W, peak power 3000W (8us/800us, 1% duty cycle) Low Noise: high efficiency DSP linear power amplifier and low intermodulation passive devices (≤-160dBc @ 2 * 43dBm); Cost-effective: integrate DSP dual signal source, generate gsm edge 4 carrier, integrate high-performance receiver, and perform spectrum test; Convenient configuration: Remote control of the test system, parameter setting/display/alarm, etc; Easy to maintain: modular design, easy to install, easy to maintain, can quickly replace the problem module; Good compatibility: support third-party signal sources and spectrometer. Scope of Application: passive device high-power test system is specially designed and developed for passive device power capacity test. This product is suitable for: passive device design and development test verification and confirmation; Passive device production quality inspection and testing; Passive device test certification.
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