Car audio power amplifier common sense

by:Gisen     2020-06-21
Car audio equipment, like home audio, also uses power amplifiers. People who are new to car audio think it is incredible to install a power amplifier in the car, or even install multiple power amplifiers. So why install a power amplifier? Because the car power supply voltage is only 14.4V, power (P) = voltage (U) x current (I), if you only use the host ’s own power amplifier, it can reach up to 4x55W, which can only promote small power Speaker, and the volume will be distorted when the volume is turned up. The sound sounds hard and lacks flexibility. The human ear has a limit of hearing, and the lower limit is less than the upper limit of the volume that can be heard. This is why music always feels stronger at the beginning. It is quite difficult to achieve the most realistic state of any sound: the noise generated by the windshield, interior trim, engine, and chassis and tires on the road has a great impact on the listening environment; low sound pressure Insufficient power in the first and second stages is also a big flaw, and it is impossible to replay all the information of the music. To solve these problems, you need to install a power amplifier. The in-vehicle power amplifier uses an inverter power supply to increase the power supply voltage to ± 40V, and the power is also increased, so that high-power speakers can be used. Due to the increased reserve power, increasing the volume will not cause distortion and sound quality. Powerful and flexible. Especially when pushing a large-sized woofer, the bass range is more extended and the sound is very full. Today, although most manufacturers produce high-power amplifiers, they do not have common specifications and do not require a unified power output standard, unlike home power amplifiers that have power rating standards. In short, the power amplifier is designed and used to match the sound quality from the sound source, especially the digital sound source, it will not degrade the sound, on the contrary, the efficiency is particularly high, the power loss is extremely small, the versatility can be extended, the system can be expanded To upgrade it, it is an indispensable equipment for audio enthusiasts. Power amplifiers can be classified according to different uses: 1. Some automotive power amplifiers are specially designed to promote woofer speakers, such as: Kenwood KAC-PS401M (14.4V, 4 ohms), with a maximum power of 1200W x1. Built-in infrasonic filter, eliminating the need for external filters. 2. Power amplifier with equalizer, such as: Sony XM-604EQX. EQX equipped speakers have 5-band equalizer, which can be adjusted according to personal preference or different cabin space. Each EQX series has 5 frequencies to choose from. 3, 5-channel power amplifiers, such as: Sony XM-405EQX, Kenwood KAC-859, etc., usually use 2-channel or 4-channel power amplifiers to drive front and rear speakers. The woofer is driven by another power amplifier, which occupies too much area, and using a 5-channel power amplifier, a power amplifier can solve the problem. 4. Multi-chip X-card power amplifier, such as: Laifu punch 400.4. The unique X card provides power amplifiers with almost infinitely diverse options for crossover: high-pass, band-pass, low-pass, and even super-audio filters. It can play a role of one to ten. 5. Electronic crossover modular power amplifier, such as: KICKER ZR360. These control modules let you choose which signal will go to the power amplifier and the RCA output of the power amplifier, and select the required frequency and crossover point. By replacing the module, a power amplifier can be used as a diversified power amplifier. Choose what brand and model of power amplifier, can not only rely on the simple parameters given in the manual, according to the entire audio system, it is best to listen to the opinions of other users or professionals. Because they have certain knowledge in product performance and hearing, the equipment they recommend should be good. If there is a prototype, the audiovisual is of course the best. From the above chart, it can be seen that the output power of Japanese power amplifiers is relatively small, and it is generally used by people who first test 'fever'. They have just felt the lack of power and sound defects. But for audiophiles, it is not just as simple as adding a power amplifier, they demand the same perfect power and sound quality. I recommend using KICKER products. It is very outstanding in terms of sound quality, and the restoration effect is very good, especially suitable for listening to classical music, light music, symphony, vocals, etc. Every year in the American car audio competition, 75% of the sound quality awards belong to KICKER. Install high-power booster, it is recommended to use Raffles power amplifier. Its characteristic is that the output power is very large-a 50.2 power amplifier can drive 16 10-inch woofer, suitable for listening to rock and disco music. Here is a brief introduction to some common sense of choosing a power amplifier. For specific practical application, professional system design and installation must also be adopted to obtain a perfect sound system.
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