Amplifier interface

by:Gisen     2020-04-12
mic is a microphone; knob is used to adjust the volume; effect is an external effect; off and on are switches; SENSOR sensor; vcr recorder; dvd drive; video out is video; yellow and red represent two channels; freq It is frequency adjustment; sub vol adjusts subwoofer volume; sub out is subwoofer output; vcr tape recorder; tape audio signal; rec means recording; preamp is preamp; in represents input and out represents output. Two groups represent one input and one output; l is the left channel; r is the right channel; Digital / COAXIAL / SPDI is a coaxial interface for audio output; CBL / SAT is the input of a satellite receiver / set-top box (cable TV) Source interface; HDMI IN is the HDMI input interface; HDMI OUT: supports output to 3 monitors.
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