all about car audio amplifiers

by:Gisen     2020-05-27
When you are looking for a car audio amplifier, first of all you need to know its function and use.
The purpose of the automotive audio amplifier is to convert the low-level signal of the source unit to a high-level signal to drive the speaker.
The power range of the amplifier can range from 20 watts per channel to more than kilowatts.
Depending on their properties, quality and power, their prices also vary depending on the amplifier.
The most popular amplifier types are those of 2 to 4 channel models.
You can even add extra built in if needed-
The function of the car audio amplifier as long as needed.
Some of these extra builds
Features include intersections, speaker level units, EQ, and signal processing.
When you buy an amplifier for your car stereo system, you need to consider one thing when dealing with the amplifier power rating.
You should see that not all ratings are equal.
The real measurement of the amplifier power is the RMS rating or the continuous rating.
The quality of the car audio amplifier is very important when purchasing the amplifier.
But the question is, how do you know if it is a high quality amp?
Good indicators of the quality amplifier will be determined by the weight and size of the amplifier.
The heavier the amplifier, the better the quality it produces.
But the size is not that important. Another sign you can consider is the quality of the car\'s audio amplifier, depending on the size of the fuse used.
There are different categories of amplifiers, A quick and easy way to check the real power output is to take the fuse value of the amplifier or the sum of multiple fuses multiplied by 6, if it is A Class A or B amplifier, or 10 for Class D amplifiers with higher efficiency.
While this will not give you an accurate result, it can indicate if your car audio amplifier is close to the specification.
If your budget is tight or you don\'t have enough space, the most economical thing to do is to choose more
With the required built-in channel amplifier
The processor and features you need.
This will save you a lot of money and space, which in turn allows you to add any additional features to your car audio amplifier.
Although there is a difference in quality compared to the outboard processor, this is not obvious.
Sometimes, adding too many components can reduce the noise of entering the system.
In short, the key features you need to consider before purchasing an automotive audio amplifier include, bridging, channels, connectors, classes, cross-switches, distortion, filters, power outputs, efficiency, speaker level input, stability, independent gain control, tube amplifier, three
Mode output, power supply, pre-
Amplifier input and output.
But make sure you always choose the real brand through the real dealer.
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