Advantages of independent power amplifier sound

by:Gisen     2019-12-30
In the field of multimedia speakers, the concept of independent power amplifier first appeared in 2002. After a period of market cultivation, it was about 2005 and 2006, the new design idea of this multimedia speaker has been widely recognized by consumers, and major speaker manufacturers have also introduced a new type 2 designed with independent power amplifier. 1 speaker, thus setting off a wave of 'independent power amplifier' buying boom. In fact, in terms of sound quality of sound boxes, the design of independent power amplifier will not be greatly improved. Independent power amplifier can only effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference on sound quality, it is not enough to cause a considerable improvement in sound quality. However, the independent power amplifier design still has Ordinary 2. 1 many advantages that multimedia speakers do not have: First, independent power amplifier can achieve better heat dissipation effect because there is no built-in volume limit. The common speaker with built-in power amplifier can only dissipate heat through the convection of the inverted tube because it is sealed in a wooden box with poor thermal conductivity. For independent power amplifier, although the power amplifier circuit is also sealed in the box, since the power amplifier box is not like a speaker, there is no sealing requirement, therefore, a large number of heat dissipation holes can be opened at the position of the heating component, so that the heat can be quickly diverged through natural convection. This is especially important for high power amplifier. Secondly, from the aspect of power amplifier, independent power amplifier is beneficial to the design of circuits. Ordinary speakers for volume, stability and many other factors, the circuit design is very compact, it is difficult to achieve optimal circuit layout. However, due to the independent power amplifier box and sufficient space, the circuit design can start from the needs of electrical design without interference from objective factors. Independent power amplifier is beneficial to the stability of the circuit. Thirdly, the speaker with built-in power amplifier resonates with the PCB and electronic components of power amplifier because the air in the box is in constant vibration, the vibration of components such as capacitors will be played back into the sound, resulting in noise. In addition, the speaker will also have an electromagnetic influence. Even the full anti-magnetic speaker will inevitably leak magnetic leakage, especially for the large bass speaker. The influence of magnetic flux leakage of electronic components such as flagship edition and IC will interfere with the current in the circuit, thus generating the current sound of interference. In addition, the speaker designed by the independent power amplifier has greatly liberated the placement of the low speaker and saved valuable desktop space due to the use of the power amplifier box control method. Having said so many advantages of independent power amplifier, it is actually a sentence-- If you do not consider the size, price, etc. , only from the perspective of use, then the independent power amplifier is better than the built-in power amplifier design.
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